FG Uncovers Boko Haram Plot To Bomb INEC, CBN Offices

The federal government has uncovered a plot by the Boko Haram sect to bomb the headquarters of INEC and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

However, detailed analysis of the plot, which was said to have been picked by the Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI) as well as the Defence Intelligence, reportedly indicated that it had a political undertone and was part of the fireworks over next month’s gubernatorial elections in Adamawa and Bayelsa States.

Military sources confided that the planned attack on the critical facilities, if executed, would be blamed on the rampaging Islamist sect, Boko Haram, but an analysis of information available to the military intelligence authorities traced the plot to the machinations of ‘do-or-die politicians’.

Specifically, the plot to bomb the INEC head office in Abuja is said to be linked to the governorship polls slated for Adamawa and Bayelsa States on February 4 and 11 respectively.
While a former military administrator of Lagos State, Brig. Gen. Mohammed Buba Marwa (retd.) of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) and incumbent Governor, Vice Admiral Murtala Nyako (retd.), are the major contenders in Adamawa State, Governor Timipre Sylva is slugging it out with a federal legislator, Hon. Seriake Dickson in Bayelsa State.

Intelligence sources said the bombings on the CBN headquarters and the hotel had been planned to take place simultaneously to give an indication of coordinated attacks on national assets with a pre-arranged plan for a fake Boko Haram spokesman to announce through a foreign media station that the sect was responsible for the attacks.
Consequently, the defence authorities have reportedly placed a security alert on the FCT with a directive that the present military strength at INEC, CBN and the hotel, among other critical facilities, should be beefed up.

Source: Sun Newspaper


  1. Any how Boko Haram is a group that want take Nigeria to another place like Afgistan or Iraq. But by the grace of Allah they’ll not succeed. Government or Nigerian citizens will defeat them.

  2. Boko haram are all cowards, if they think they can face the government then why the gorilla war? Killing innocent souls in the name of struggling to make a nation an Islamic state. Is this what Islam and sharia is all about? They are fake Muslim and disgrace to all the Muslims.

  3. If Nigerian govt likes, let them wake up to the security challenges in the country. If they don’t, let them continue to loot and destruction of the nation’s treasury and developmental progress. In the past, they think insecurity will be 4 the common man and down-trodded. But now, it’s getting to their door-steps. Let them allow American govt to fish out the bad eggs and bad elements or let us continue living in shambles.

  4. Oh pls! This military guys should just shut the fuck up! Where were they when the bombs that claimed hunndrens were planted in Kano?why didn’t they uncover the plot before the bombs blow innocent people to shreds?this is some kind of dumb political propaganda and it really sucks! I pray our incompetent leaders and the security agencies in Nigeria wake up to their responsibilities to prevent the loss of more lives.

  5. Nigerians should by now know that BOKOM HARAM cover all violent, extremist, devilish activities levied against Nigerian state and people by all shades of people , be they muslims, christians, traditionists. But the groups have one thing in common- do or die greedy politicians, business men, sit tight civil servants, academicians etc. Examples of those that fit this description are ATIKU, IBB, TINUBU, BUHARI, BAKARE, IBORI, DESILVA, ODILI, ASUU,, TUC, MOST GOVERNORS/LGA CHAIRMEN etc,

  6. 4me seriousely speaking our country have no security and neither do we have a government, bcos having a government dat does not know how 2 govern its people, den its as good as not having a government.ok look at our confused president he is so confused in d extend dat he cant differentiate d difference between white or red he is just acting as told.

  7. Fed govt should please advice asuu not to call of the on gong strike because I can see attacks on fed schools. Security should be tight and the govt to put hands on deck to fish out thiis evil sect of islamist. God help and bless Nigeria

  8. Frankly speaking! I want the Northern leaders and elders to take a stand on this Boko haram issue and speak strongly against it. honestly without the full co-operation of the Nothern leaders and elders, we are just wasting our time..God save Nigeria!

  9. where are we going in this country?.for a person to wake up and say that the next thing on his agenda is to bomb lives, calls for serious prayas by the citizens.and i think such a one should be examined……..

  10. Wat is d Govt saying is it dat boko haram ve over shadoW our millitary?cnt d Govt arrest d man whose picture appeard dat is der leader. Wnt of d man arestd and ran frm d police custody(kabiru sokoto) mr president said der are not ghost so wnt is he waiting for declaring state of emergency cnt help tis bcos even where d state of emergency was declard der stil attack.pls Govt mak una save d citizens ooo

  11. I am sure the blood of the innocent people who lost their lives in the different bomb blasts in Nigeria will continue to cry to God for justice. Let us pray that God will put an end to this terrible culture of bloodshed in our country.


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