Fire Outbreak At National Assembly

There was a fire outbreak at the main building of the National Assembly today, the fire spread to a number of offices and was eventually overcome by fire fighters attached to the National Assembly.
The fire started at the office of the Secretary to the Clerk National Assembly (CNA) by 1.00pm.

The heavy smoke bellowing from the office attracted the attention of one of the sergeant-at-arms who quickly raised alarm and contacted men of the fire fighting services, which office was just a stone throw away. The fire fighters promptly rushed to the scene of the outbreak and struggled to put it out before serious damage could be done.

The cause of the fire outbreak has not been identified but it is suspected that the fire resulted from an electrical fault.

According to one of the fire fighters “The fire started at about 1pm. We were in our office just there (pointing to their office nearby) when one of these sergeant-at-arms rushed to our office and shouting that there was fire.” “When we got there the whole place was covered with smoke we could not find our way through easily. Apart from that, there was nobody to bring the keys and open the offices for us to move in.

“We were just there struggling to see how we can enter until one of us just forced one door open before we could enter. If not that it is a place we are very familiar with we, we could have found it difficult to locate the actual place. But we were able to locate the office. They said it is the office of the secretary to the CNA. By the time we got there the whole office was smoking heavily but we were able to tackle it before the fire could spread into other offices,” he said.

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