Fuel Subsidy: FG and Labour Fail To Reach An Agreement, Strike Continues

Labour has failed to reach a compromise with the federal government hence the nationwide strikes which have already held for a week would continue on Monday.

Nigeria Labor Congress president Abdulwaheed Omar told journalists outside the presidential palace: “We have not reached a compromise.”

Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets across Nigeria to protest the government ending the subsidy Jan. 1.

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  • U guys shuld pls do smetin abt dis…dis strike x unbearable,we al knw u ar fytn 4 our ryt bt pls in God’s name do smetin abt it…i’m tired ov stayn @ hme


  • The cabal have taken over the protest. Its obvious that they are after much more than a price reversal but him. This weeks protest would see protesters no longer seeking a reversal but a GEJ must go based on a vote of NO confidence from the Nigerian citizens. Then he would remember we warned him. A president with NO military intelligence to read between the lines and realise all of this not ordinary. Bye Bye Jonah

  • Biola if you are tired of staying at home, join the rally against our corrupt leaders. Let’s fight this fight once and for all.

  • The protest is violence free its d police u should talk to not those protesting, its d peoples right to protest so police nd hoodlums shouldnt interfare, the stroggles continue, we continue our strike nd d president will sucum 2 us later,

  • aluta continua…jonathan,watch out.u’r nt safe….ur life or return subsidy bck 2 where it blngs…ure playin wt fire…u ds ebele bele bele oko demu demu


  • Nigerians,lets b reasonable,a head can not stand alone without the bodies!NLC we know u tryn 2 fight 4 ppl’s right bt also consider ppl’s stay,all we nid in this country is the fear of God and His directions,dis ugly act dnt worth ppl’s life.Try and come 2 a compromise cos dis strike is nt d best,we are going back!our money is finishn,children nt going 2 skl thereby drawn dem bk,no markets,no work,reason it well,d ppl u are trying 2 protect,u are ending up punishing dem.I PRAY 4 GOD’S INTERVENTION AND I URGE FELLOW NIGERIANS 2 DO THESAME!

  • Governors are greedy cabals are criminals, ministers are miss leading, president is egocentric Jonathan I don’t thing u have really bargained for wot is coming to u

  • ‎​​We Nigerians can be so annoying, we’ve not even started d struggle and ur already complaining of boredom at home. This is a fight we must fight to win. Anywayz for u bored guys, I have different options for you:
    1) you can trek to ojota and join us.
    2) you can sit in d comfort of ur homes and watch us live.*beer*
    3) you can take a stroll around ur area. Its kuku a form of exercise./:)
    4) you can take cyprigold or cypron and sleep off till March.3-|
    5) finally you can trek to cotonou and denounce Nigeria, its hi-time Nigeria let go of cowards like you! >:O#gbam#>:O
    This mssg is to strengthen and encourage loyal Nigerians like me and to talk some sense into weak Nigerians like those who won’t forward dis mssg!
    NO TO SuBSIDy REMOVAL. #65 per litre or we stay @ home. shikena ….;) B) (y). And if u r tired of BC, Pls buy Nokia or delete me on contact…:p. This is a clarion call “say NO TO CORRUPTION”

  • 2 my own knwledge  tik der is more 2 dis than fuel subsidy,watchin d protestin on tv lik d ac ple r jst fightin 4 dem selve and oda parties lik dat,c pat utomi and many more.plz fellow nigerianz let’s do d rit thing and let pray so hard 4 our natn bcos  kwn nigeria wil b beta.God bles us all.

  • As 4 me,they say”Uneasy lies the head that wear crown”its is uneasy to fight a battle of corruption that has befell our country,we must fight it now,our govt pple are not reliable,thr words are not honorable,this one we they fight,na fight to finish.OOOOOOOOOSsSSSsssssEeeEEEEE UMARU and d struggle spirit fills Nigerian.

  • Nigeriaz present situation jes reminded me of what happnd in the land of egypt when God hardened d heart of pharao so his name wud b glorified…..I am seeing d same fin happening to uncle jona soon f care z not taken, ds z jes to show aw cruel he z.let continue to pray hard for nigeria. GOD BLESS NIGERIA

  • mr president should understand that his claimed imf policy has been rejected totally by the civil society whom voted him in to power,why cant he rethink in his policies toward economic transformation most especially tackling corruption,bad governers and security than deregulating the downstream sector.there is no problem that does not have two or more ways of solving it.

  • Nlc pls accept dialogue,villagers are suffering, no kerosine,n many youth are hooked at home they cannot travel back to d cities to continue their searching for job? Mr president pls let Nigerian have their ways.u cannot be wiser than all of us. Oh God pls safe Nigeria, amen

  • Jonathan dont be storney hearted, u come with a horny and the pple say they dont need it, no matter how sweet it is. So restore d subsidy. Afterall d money is not ur fathers money.

  • Mr BEJ d Policy is 4 d masses benefit we don’t want it.if u r talkin abt trans4matn then coruptn first b4 any other thin. Wt d high level of coruptn in d con3 hw sure ar we dt d policy wil reach d targeted masses wt?

  • I don’t think this strike would make any difference,continuation of †ђξ strike would only claim more lives thru violence during †ђξ protest and those at home are dying of hunger..If GEJ doesn’t change it today and let people go back τ̲̅ȍ their various activities on monday then his not worth being our president ​§ø̲̣ †ђξ option then should not be †ђξ replacement of fuel subsidy but removal of GEJ..

  • I dnt no y jonathan has suddenly bcom dumb. Wat type of badluk president av we gotn 4 our selves? Jst a simple reversal bak 2 #65 is very dificult 4 him. If pengasson should strike 2u,evrytin would shut down includin nepa. Abeg jst impeach him or else dere would b WAR!!!

  • my fellow nigeria,a child who don’t want his mother 2 sleep wil not sleep too.let continue strike until GEJ cm down 2 our kneel.UP NLC.

  • Hmmm tough mata buh gat 2 start 4rm smwhr….we keep talkn abt corrupt leaders buh we 4get dat u n I r among dis corruption. In ur own small positn in dis country ow 1daful ve u handled it imagine u @ d top jst like GEJ..most of u r talkn abt fightn dis battle 2 d end wen dis war starts ope u won’t run? Ope u r nt jst hear 2 make noise witout actn?? Fellow Nigerians letz tink pple r die’n n yet we r still being stubborn!!! To GEJ ow long shall feverish birds tremble b4 dere keepers?? Is tym 4 u 2 change ur mind Wen dere is Lyf dere is Ope!! Revertn 2 65naira doesn’t make u a coward buh a Leader dat I believe u R…Pls pls n pls dere can’t b 2 captains in a Ship!!! I tink we ve had enuf….May God help Us!!!!!!!

  • No matter how wonderful d removal of d oil subsidy might bring, d so called benefactor to be said they did not want. Is there any special interest?

  • Our rulers (so-called-our-leaders) are unpredictable satanic worshippers. They may have been requested to bring blood in large quantity and they think this is the way to generate it in a very huge quantity. But am promising them bad turn around on them this time around. Watch it out! From this time henceforth, sorrows will fill their ways, they will pay wit their heads. What an irresponsible government and regime! The original owners of the land are saying no and they are busy forcing it on the people. What a show of corrupt intentions! Look at the type of man some ignorant Nigerians are saying ‘give him a chance’ someone who had no interests of the masses at heart. Lets continue fighting this endemic corrupt rulers. Whatever thing dat has a begining, will definately has an end. This is an end to our evil and corrupt rulers in this country. Their secrets has been noted. God is at work already. Some people think God will come in another special way to intervene in our case, not knowing dat it will start this way to fish out the bad eggs.

  • it is with a sad heart I read some comments here. Its quite obvious that some ppl here will sell their birth-right 4 a bowl of pottage. The masses are suffering u say?? U are tired of staying at home u say??? If u don’t challenge now, these ‘masses’ have just started suffering. There will no school 2 go back 2. For me, Nigerians can handle any price-tags 2 d fuel. It’s no more about d fuel subsidy removal. It is about corruptn. Wake up people or u av just started ur struggles. #occupynigeria #savenigeria

  • Fadahunsi abayomi, more grease to your elbow. I strongly stand behind you & I pray to God to see all thru the struggle,we have started it last week & sure we are resuming back to it 2morrow. God is going to be our guiding angel,let’s keep the ball roll,we need to fight it till the end because jonathan is an ingrate after all our support for him,from deputy president to president when he has no hope in succeeds yaradua. Now we drop all our support that we had for him before,we are going to fight him,fight corruption & injustice once & for all.

  • wel its unfortunate dat some of us dnt undastnd Mr President bt i wil try to make u undastnd hm.He is our leader nd continualy our leader no mata d devlish mind of d so cald labour president. GO ON GUDLUCK!!U R jst takin us higher 4rm #65 2 #141.I support GEG ND i say u wi5 rule til d end of 8yrs

  • Removal of fuel subsidy is a criminal act cos there’s nothing like subsidy… For christ sake this is democracy n not autocracy, lets impeach this man n stop all this dialogue of a thing…. Bt I pray God should come 2 our aid n intervention..

  • Nigerians dis d high time we face d realty,cuz ever since i was born,we’ve been singing he go beta,wen will it b beta.das d quetions we need 2 ask ourselves dats why we need 2 stand on our feet,cus i guess God wants 2 use gudlook 2 open our eyes 2 d fullest 2 flush corruption out of dis nation.it’s high time we say no 2 corruption and no to fuel subsidy.

  • Nigerians always want the easy way out. When the subsidy on diesel was removed witout notification or consultation which El rufai was a part of under OBJ govt who spoke??? Each Worker pay 12k per annum labour dues,has anyone asked wat happens to the money. Ok if it were a northern president who removed dis subsidy who will dare speak not to talk of occupyin d streets. Nigerians shine ur eyes there is more to it than meets the eye.this is much more than a protest, it is both ethnic and political. GEJ knows wat he is doin for sure but some pple have vowed to make this country ungovernable for him.

  • Nigerians u na well done o o!!!, i love your courage and efforts up to dis time, i want you to know that GEJ knows what is doing, he would have simply say to us dat he wanted to split us rather than causing all dis wahala, if he can not handle it let him say it aloud, he is not man enough, a caword for that matter.
    babatee ogunsusi

  • AS removed this fuel subsidy my GOD remove your life you and all your spotters stupid leaders that thinks like animals. May God kill you GEJ B4 TOMORROW
    bellow is the datail of what Nigeria is geting from fuel. read and judge by your self.
    1. Crude Oil production/day = 2.5M barrels
    2. Current price = $113/barrel
    3. Daily sales = 2.5M x 113= $282.5 million
    4. monthly sales = 282.5M x 30days = $ 8.475billion
    5. Yearly sales = $ 8.45billion x 12 = $101.6billions
    6. Naira equivalent = 101.7 billion x N160 = 16.272 trillion naira/year
    7. Nigeria’s budget for 2012 = 4.5trillion naira.
    Now d question is: Where is d surplus going? Analysis by Femi falana (Lagos Lawyer/Activist on channels Tv.)

  • NLC,I appreciate ur effortz and consideration,plz let mr president knw dat we are after him,this iz do or die battle,iz either he reverse this subsidy or we reverse his life,let him knw that this battle iz beyond physical challenge and we are going to fight him spiritually!!!Mr president,so u ar as bad as this and we voted for u as a gud person,we give u two days or ur life wil be reversed,Take it or leave it.FUCK YOU JONAH!!!

  • jonatah it seems dat u don’t lik your life.u have not only put shame in d faces of southerners but also on d faces of cristains world-wide.u aim is 2 cus war in niaja but God wil not allow u.4 many are d affections of d rightous but d lord deliver them out of them all.my advise 2 u mr president is 2 revert 2 65naira per litr.God may bless u as u do complie 2 our request but God we surely punish u if u don’t revert 2 65naira per litr.

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