Fuel Subsidy: Labour Suspends Strike For Two Days

Labour has suspended the strikes over the the removal of fuel subsidy for two days. Leaders of NLC,TUC and JAF announced this in a joint statement. Read the statement below:

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress (TUC) and Joint Action Front (JAF) commend the Nigerian people for turning out in their millions since Monday January 9, 2012, to protest the astronomical increase in the price of PMS (Petrol). We commend them for their resolute stand and insistence in struggling for a better country.

The Labour Movement and its civil society allies after nationwide consultations has decided that this weekend, Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th January, 2012, will be observed as strike, protest and rally-free days.
We ask Nigerians to utilize these days to rest, restock and get re-energized for the continuation of the strikes, rallies and protests from Monday 16th January, 2012.

Discussions with Government
The NLC, TUC and their allies in the Civil Society Movement on Thursday 12th January 2012 met with the Senate leadership, Nigeria Governors Forum and the Executive Arm.

At the meeting, Labour asked the Presidency to suspend the new petrol (PMS) price increases announced on January 1, 2012. In return, we offered to suspend forthwith, the strikes, mass rallies and street protests. We also suggested that an expanded committee be set up which would discuss the fuel subsidy issue and pricing for petrol.

The Government side presented a counter proposal asking Labour to negotiate new fuel prices. Since we had no such mandate, Labour declined and decided to return to its National Executive Council meetings, which will be held on Saturday 14th January 2012 for a possible expanded mandate.
Labour commends the National Assembly for its intervention and further urges the Presidency to be more reconciliatory towards the people and show more understanding and sensitivity to their feelings and collective interests.


  1. In My Own Opinion, NLC;TUC,JAF are wasting their time. Weather or not the continue strike or stop, The FG of Nigeria would revert the subsidy. The Pain is far less than the benefit to come. Wish They could see the plan from this low level ground I stand. Nigeria wouldnt prosper if we continue to get subsidy on our Petrol. Certain prices are not worth paying….. Even with the subsidy, Petrol had always been expensive. Would the price be N20/L, FG of Nigeria then should revert the subsidy. Thanks

  2. Goodluck, where is d fresh air u promised us during ur electioneering? All we get now is crises, many has died. Wil d death benefit 4rm d fuel subsidy removal?

  3. Let stop the noise and there is no story again. all what we want is to revert the PMS to the normal price #65. i think have spoken well

  4. Let stop the noises and there is no stories again. all what we want is to revert the PMS to the normal price #65. i think have spoken well

  5. If this guvment can b trusted, lets endure 4 a while and give them like 6 months after which we can take à final stand. Lets ãvoid destruction of what we already have in the course of protest 4 our tax will go into it again. Electricity has improvd,lets watch them.

  6. God discipline his people through their leader because of their that is what really happen to us in this country Nigeria Sins RAMPERED every and I can say that God know’s about it.All Nigerian should PRAY 4 FORGIVENESS of the SINS of this NATION.

  7. God discipline his people through their leader because of their SINS that is what really happen to us in this country Nigeria Sins RAMPERED every and I can say that God know’s about it.All Nigerian should PRAY 4 FORGIVENESS of the SINS of this NATION.

  8. God discipline his people through their leader because of their SINS that is what really happen to us in this country Nigeria Sins RAMPERED everywhere and I can say that God know’s about it.All Nigerian should PRAY 4 FORGIVENESS of the SINS of this NATION.The BIBLE says SIN IS THE REPROACH OF NATION BUT RIGHTEOUSNESS A NATION.

  9. I pray against everyone that are not in authority position and still rulling this country that the lord should dethrone them in JESUS NAME,all Nigerian say INFINITY AMEN(AMEN..EN..EN..EN..EN……)

  10. Weldone it shal be well with us In Jesus Name. Amen. Pls let d FG knw dat we are d government, means if d FG can not bak to 65/L, Then let us continue d strike on monday again, bcos if we agree wt FG now they wl bring any other unconvinience ideal. We are not a FUL. Tanx

  11. How many promises does any federal or state govt fulfiled in Nigeria? Y sld Jonathan n his myopic followers keep comparin fuel price in Nigeria with other countries without talkin about d standard of living in those countries. imagin comparin us with the US where, if the fuel price is 10 times 65, d citizens can still afford it. D fact is, Jonathan is a confused man and doesn’t know who to satisfy. God will punish any leader who punish us

  12. If any bad luck wants to do anything and he cannot do it until he removes fuel subsidy, it means he is not ready to do it. He is talking about 1.4 trillion. is that amount up to 50% or even 10% of our annual earnin? Those paid supporters of fuel subsidy removal are only 1% of d populace and they’re only a collection of idiots. Fuel subsidy removal is not for d benefit of Nigerians, Jonathan simply wants to satisfy some people

  13. I morenikeji believe it a good idea but how truthful are our Govt officials 2there promises we dont need deceit any longer. so there4 i soport my people..GOOD PEOPLE GRATE NATION

  14. A mad man n d street must hv family(ies) dtz y i wil neva blame dos suportn d greedy and iresponsible Govt.no retreat no surender aluta continua on monday. Bt pls NLC dont sell us.

  15. We’re tired of all dis power tuzzles in dis country, things are not 4 the betterment of rural pple we plead 4 gud governance. I apeal 2 d FG to agree wit PDP subsidy removal formula.

  16. I so much appreciate the actions of our various trade unions and the various comrade who has participated in leading one protest or the other.the hardship we might be going through now is nothing when compared with the futures ones if we continue to buy the fuel @ N145p

  17. Pls let’s call a spade a spade, subsidy cannot favour Nigerians nd dat’s d simple truth. Nw see it GEJ was frm a poor backgrnd, assuming d past leaders introduced d removal of subsidy GEJ wld b among d protesters of his days but luk at wat he’s doin.

  18. Thanx to everyone,starting from good labour leader,tuc leader and all nigerian that are so sincere in this strugle.the fact is this,gej is curropt and most of our leaders.if he can not do tangible thing with the what we have now,let him waste his 4yrs and leaf the asrock .we are not ready anymore to be enslaved by some families who av turn our money to theirs.starting from from mr president down to the down stream. STRUGLE CONTINUE..

  19. Lets allow FG do this n we l all see how Nigeria wil b transformed.Those NLC leaders n d rest are in 1 way or d oda beneficiaries of d subsidy.so dnt b fooled Nigerians

  20. This country is already a country of poor ppl and any attempt by Jonathan to impoverish us the more is simply callous and must be refuted and repeled. The money available is enough 4 him to do whatever he wants to do in Nigeria, not until he gets the fuel subsidy money. Even consider all they’re saying there’ll do wt d subsidy money, that means without the subsidy money, they were not ready 2 do anything. Pls our labor leaders sld pls not sell us, lets fight 2 d end untill we get 2 a logical conclusion

  21. Our leaders are corrupt minded, I’m sure if we give them chance for this subsidy removal thing they will not deliver, most of the major things we enjoy in this country are all done during the military regime except mobile, Nigeria is spending too much on politics, d gov can do watever they want to do without the fuel subsidy removal, there’s money in this country, since the beginning of GEJ regime $33 Billion has disappeared from our foreign reserve account and nothing has been achieved so far, Obama’s annual income is $400,000 ( 60 Million Naira ) in a year and our president want 1 Billion naira for food allowance and 1.2 Billion Naira for Wardrobe allowance, is he gonna be eating Diamond. This people are so fucked, they can generate the money they need by cutting Nigeria’s expenses on POLITICS. Thanks

  22. To construct a medium refinery costs about $1Billion, I’m sure Nigeria can afford more than that, there wouldn’t be subsidy issue if we produce fuel in this country, but the wouldn’t want us to have one because they make their own money from exportation of crude oil, I wonder why there will be stable electricity when those that major in generator importation is one of those in power, if GEJ can account for how he spent the money he met in our foreign reserve account then we MIGHT be able to trust him with this, what I’m I even saying, he should either cut the money he needs from those spent on politics, or construct a refinery or impose tax on our Trillioniares ( I.e Dangote and the likes) afterall they are nigerians, they should contribute, they are not taking those money to heaven, even Obasanjo and the likes too. I Rep. 1 Nigeria. No Retreat. No Surrender.

  23. Nija don better.make we listen to the advice of the proffessionals atleast for once so that we will not end up regreting it at the last.cant you see that even the governors supports the executive? I think that what we need is sensitization so that the masses will know what the policy is all about.GEJ ride on am solidely behind u

  24. Ds negotiation is taking much of Nigerians tym.Why?FG shld revert d price to 65 naira witout any condition and if not PENGASSAN should join d strike so dat we all bear d loss and be in gloomy.A gud leader shld listen to his followers,but odawise is wot we ve in naija.

  25. Nigeria is on fire now,pls let all be @ alert of any suspicious movement around us.If FG/NLC/TUC faceoff today is still deadlock,i will advise PEGASSAN to shut oil production.If Nigeria can be loosing 320 billion naira per day,so ao much is ds Higgy-piggledy Govt.Lookn for to remove subsidy??Eje awon to ti ku si struggle yi a jaaaaaaa.

  26. Fellow Nigerian, let’s pray 4 d wil God 2 be done. Let’s pray dt God should intervene in dis matter. All we need is prayer. God knows d best 4 us.

  27. I lyk d comments of saint and stephen Okeke.GEJ is trying to rebrand Nigeria so lets join hand 2geda and rebrand Nigeria.Gud people of Nig.it is pain nw bt will gain in no distant tym.GREAT NATION

  28. These trade nlc,tuc and the rest of them are misleading nigerians.the presidency has slashed its salary with 25% do you think its easy..lets stand behind our president for once and show him that we actually trusted him the day we voted him in…then if he fails our actions shall be justified…nigerians are just being greedy and selfish…i’m a student and i can tell you with full confidence that this strike is telling on the masses..the ordinary man not the labour leaders..pls lets give him benefit of doubt..its not easy to slash your salary by 25%..if na you,you go gree

  29. I am sick n tired of FG,As a mother i have seven kids,hw am i going 2 pay their fee,pls stop d issue of dis fuel of a tin,pls #70l

  30. As 4me as long as 9ja is concined those men just they play their ball there buh tink of it maybe Joe has somtin possitive 4 mind but d gr8t qeustion is after his regim wil his successors do d same?

  31. To me, Nigerians will not just allow anyone run them like a machines.
    What I think is that the president should have put somethings in place before embarking on the removal of fuel subsidy, because, PMS is the 1st source of income to Nigerians which has effect on the economy at large. So if the president had subsidised transportation, build some few refineries, and so on, Nigerians would have allowed him carry out his plans and this strike would not have existed at all. Thanks and God bless NIGERIA

  32. All those 1% (or less than that) who spoke in favor of Jonathan are all blind and insensitive. As you can see, you ppl are very few and it is clear you can’t be wiser than us. also, I seriously believe you’re part of those bribed by the regime to confuse innocent citizens. God will reward you 4 ur evils.
    How many regimes in Nigeria have ever fulfiled a promise? You also wanna tell me that what your god father – Jonathan did was the best way 2 have removed subsidy assumin it’s compulsory

  33. Steven I feel you so much tell them, since they can’t think. Imagine the badluck saying he wants 1b naira as feeding allowance and another 1.2b for wardrobe allowance. He can fool some of us but not everybody. Thanks n God bless NIGERIA


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