Indian teacher shocked as $9.8bn is credited to his account.

Parijat Saha was left stunned when he checked his account balance online to find 490bn rupees ($9.8bn) credited to him. He was expecting an account balance of $200.

The shocked school teacher confirmed the unexpected billions credited to his account in an ATM.

Mr Saha rang the State Bank of India (SBI) to point out the error.

“I called up a friend in the bank and joked, maybe money is overflowing in your bank, that’s why your system has remitted so much money into my account,” he said

Visibly embarassed bank officials declined to comment, but sources say the funds were “uncleared” and he could not have withdrawn the money if he had tried.

The bank, whose motto is “Safe Banking with SBI” – has not explained what happened.

Mr Saha managed to withdraw the $200 from his account that belonged to him, but he remains a billionaire, on paper at least.

“Even though I got my money back, the account still holds the billions of dollars as uncleared amount. I don’t know how long I’ll have to keep that astronomical figure in my account.”


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