Inspector General of Police, Hafiz Ringim “Retires”

Former IG of Police, Hafiz Ringim has commenced his pre-retirement leave today, January 25, 2012. He is due to retire from the force on March 1, 2012.

Hafiz Ringim has been ordered to go into mandatory retirement following a series of bomb attacks launched in various northern cities by members of the Islamist movement Boko Haram.

He is to be replaced by an Assistant Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Mohammed Abubakar, according to a statement from the Presidency.

Ringim joined the Nigeria Police Force as a Cadet Inspector on March 1, 1977. By March 1, 2012, he will clock 35 years in the police force, which is the bar, except the President extends his tenure.

A source at police headquarters in Abuja told reporters that Ringim, on finding out yesterday about his removal, immediately de-mobilized 17 commanders of the Mobile Police Unit (MOPOL) and replaced them with his loyalists. “Why should a man on his way out put his men in place to head MOPOL?” asked the source, adding that he hoped the new IG would reverse Ringim’s decision.

President Jonathan also approved the retirement of all Deputy Inspector Generals of Police (DIGs) with immediate effect.


  • It’s pertinent that Nigeria is getting worse everyday,hw could an outgoing somebody replace some crucial places with his men.Honestly Mr president should understand that he is working with some people that want him down.

  • While we celebrate the ouster of Ringim, let us pause and ponder on the antecedents of Abubakar, his successor.For instance, this might interest some people:

    “Religious fanatics should not be posted to head state police commands. The commission recommends that for his ignoble role during the September 2001 crisis which resulted in the loss of lives, the former Commissioner of Police, Plateau State Command, Alhaji M.D. Abubakar, be advised to retire from the Nigeria Police Force and in the event of his refusal to do so, he should be dismissed from the service.”

    — Justice Niki Tobi (Rtd) Commission’s Report on Jos crisis — 2001

  • U need a re-think if your idea or expectations is to have some one clean to head affairs in this country. because even the so call leaders non of them is clean most of them if not involved in killin are involved in corruption and sabotage.

  • What we, the Nigerian people need now are three or more categories of police formation: Nigeria police service/LGA/STATE focus, Nigeria police intelligence/STATE focus and Nigeria police force/Federal. Only the police force is to bear arms and are to handle violent situations, mount road blocks and confront potential violent cases.The LGAs and STATES should recruit, pay and take care of the welfare of Nigeria police services, Nigeria police intelligence people unless for few cases handling Federal assignments.Minimum academic qualification for any non commission police personnel should be same as for post secondary education – JAMB/UME and for officers, a university degree/equivalent. Discharge age for non commission personnel should be 50yrs and officers 55yrs – so that they can do some others services for themselves, family, society thereafter. I suggest the authority study the Dutch police system. Throughout my stay in Holland several years ago I never came across a police road block/check point. I drove regularly round the country on weekends especially the country side. My wife drove the children to school with Nigerian driving licence – first 6mths without any problems. Even at public places the armed uniform police were the nicest/most polite people I meet there! For a civil offence you get a fine through your plate no/house address and if you fail to pay within 2wks you get a reminder plus 50% extra, after one month you get another reminder with 100% extra. Thereafter the offence becomes very serious and your car may be impounded and crushed if it is a traffic offence!

  • …This goes to the president…
    It is evidently clear that the ongoing nightmare on the streets and neighbourhood of this country, is been pioneered and politically electrified by the by some democracy demons which does not exceptionalyzed the top reliable seats of forces of the nation
    hafiz ringim, no doubt is one of them, sponsoring and empowering the the rebels of this country, to embrace the truth .
    Hence to keep the continuity of destruction, he tried setting machineries behind him in the NPF. who are to keep the devilish work he started, moving.
    Mr. President i urge and svggest hereby as a human activist, that this administration should seek justice and mercy for the poor Nigerian.

  • D mr president has done a lot of good things n i guess he has great vision 4 we d nigerians let just join him and fight teriourism and curruption we will go 4ward thanks tanx 4 retirering d un justise i surpport u

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