Jimoh Ibrahim buys $500 million hotel in Dubai

Popular Nigerian billionaire businessman Jimoh Ibrahim is set to open his 34-floor hotel in Dubai which is said to have cost him at least $500m in Febuary 2012, the same month he turns 45.

According to Wikipedia, Jimoh Ibrahim, worth at least $700m (2011 estimate) is a lawyer, politician, businessman, entrepreneur, industrialist and philanthropist in Nigeria. He is the current Group Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer of Global Fleet Group, a diversified conglomerate, based in Nigeria, with business interests and subsidiary in neighboring West African countries.

Global Fleet Group has the following subsidiary companies, among others:

  1. Air Nigeria – Lagos, Nigeria – Formerly Virgin Nigeria
  2. NICON Insurance – Lagos, Nigeria
  3. Nigeria Reinsurance Corporation – Lagos, Nigeria
  4. NICON Luxury Hotel – Abuja, Nigeria – Formerly Le’ Meridien Hotel
  5. Global Fleet Oil & Gas – A chain of gasoline stations (estimated at about 200 in 2011), across Nigeria
  6. The NICON Group – Lagos, Nigeria – Holdings include investment companies, schools, real estate holdings, transport companies and others
  7. Global Fleet Building – Lagos, Nigeria – Formerly Allied Bank Building
  8. Meidan Hotel – Lagos, Nigeria
  9. Global Fleet Industries – Lagos, Nigeria – Formerly HFP Industries Limited
  10. Energy Bank – Accra, Ghana – A new commercial bank in Ghana, started operations in February 2011
  11. Oceanic Bank São Tomé – São Tomé, São Tomé and Príncipe – Commercial bank purchased from Oceanic Bank in May 2011.
  12. Newswatch Magazine – Lagos, Nigeria



  1. Mr investor, lawyer, politician, businessman, entrepreneur, industrialist and philanthropist and what have you will you die if you invest this money in Nigeria to grow the economy and for the citizens to work. You are just killing our economy and enriching that of Dubia.

  2. It is quite interesting that in a country full of difficult economic structures yet we have great people like Bar. Jimoh Ibrahim who keep up with the struggles. Congratulations Sir on your milestone. I will be most pleased to work under any of your business organisations. I hold a BSc Business Administration and currently undergoing Masters (MSc) Business Administration. My e-mail address is [email protected], phone 08034885966.