Nigerian military arrests suspected Boko Haram sponsor in Kaduna

A suspected sponsor of the dreaded sect Boko Haram has been caught while arming youths in Nasarawa Township in Chikun local government of Kaduna State. He was arrested this morning around 1:00am.

There were reported gunshots by his supporters when an army officer on a tip off from the 1st Division of Nigerian Army Kaduna stormed his family to initiate a search, following which rocket launchers, IEDs materials, soldiers uniforms, army belts, cartridges, pump actions guns and some AK47 assault rifles were found and taken away by the Nigerian military team that carried out the action.

The arrested gunrunner is Comrade Nuhu Mohammed who is former chairman of petroleum drivers association in Kaduna. He is currently being held in an undisclosed military base in Kaduna.

It was also gathered youths in the area this morning when the combined team of soldiers, SSS and police went to the area around 9am for additional search resisted their arrival in to the community.

The youths started stoning the security and some wanted to shoot but were restrained by a senior military officer in charge of operations.


  1. plsssss, kill him o cos he wil still claim more lives. Any attempt to leave this man unkilled means no judgement n justice in dis nation. Hear what d spirit says.

  2. This should clear our mindz of any positiveness 4rm northerners. Evn their youths are clearly staunch supporterz of boko haram. The only alternative is 4 nigeria 2 divide. Read d handwriting on the wall

  3. They have to decided to kill the anointed of God. Poor christians and christians have fasted,prayed and cried because of them. Brethen be sure that they’ll all soon be caught and they’ll rot in hell. Wicked heartless mindless canibalistic people. I hate Boko Haram and my God will arrest them and give them double the pain they’ve caused every single christian.

  4. What will d do wit nuhu mohamed? Senator Ali Nduma case has being Gotten bcos i ave nt heard of any tin again abt him. Dnt 4get dat SSS has xzibit but still notin is happenin.

  5. This has gone a long way to tell us that the idea of Boko Haram is from neighbouring countries is a lie. They are within us and the top and mighty in Northern Nigeria are behind them. Please this guy should not die mysteriously like the former Head that was caught and killed. He has more to say. I trust our Nigeria force at time they commence torture He Go Talk Truth. Kudos guys, this guys should be on promotion list.

  6. eliminate him and the rest but under d law of the country nt by ur hand bcos the situation we are in now is for d killing of their leader in ur hand not in sharia. Take care to avoid repeatation mistakes.

  7. I dont really know why Government is still keeping such people,No body is above the law,Fmr President obasanjo and Shehu yar adua was jailed.This is the second time,he should be arrainged and questioned him,we need more vital information fm him.Nigerians are direly waiting.

  8. u guyz re just pouring emotions here, some say kill them, some castigated all islamic adherents & to some nigeria should divide, and some even wantd war etc. lets pause and ask ourselves what happen to the christian that was caught trying 2 bomb church in bayelsa & edo state. didnt u raise drums to celebrate when muslims were attacked in sapele and benin. it was all commendations when few days ago some christian youths ambushed and killed some muslims in adamawa state. believe it or not no true muslim faithful will slain a human being. had islam permitted it i would hv being a muslim.

  9. if everybody is thnk d same way then nobody is thinking, ur remarks entirely smacks off faithfulness, & patrotism. it struck me to see comments as; kill them, divide the country, let go 2 war, muslims re bh etc. lets pause to ask of d xtian dat were cot trying 2 bomb churches in bayelsa & edo states. when last time muslim were ambushed & killed in adamawa, some of u almost threw party. if u are celebrating d attack on muslims then u are not better than boko haram. believe it or not, no true muslim will slain d life of any human being, had islam encouraged that, certainly i will not hv bn a muslim. i put it to u to tell me wat accounted for d rapid acceptance of islam in europe. islam is bn accepted widely by the enlightened world and not based on poverty, ignorance, empathy, handouts & enforcement.

  10. If the Nigerian authorities are truely sincere and desire lasting peace, the events of the last few months should inform the need to convene the proposed Sovereign National Conference. This will allow eminent persons from the major regions of what is presently Nigeria to dialogue on the best way to co-exist as a nation and then subject it to a referendum. This is in the best interest of our peoples !.

  11. Ma advice 2d security agent: d bst tin 4u 2do is 2 giv imunity 2d guy in oda 2 expose his fellw membas, bt tortur, if he’z rilly a bh, u can’t break him, cos dis is smtin dat toches faith, he tinks he is doin ryt. N d worst 2 kil him, dnt repeat dat abeg..

  12. My God, dis is 2gud to be believed, any way firstly let me commend our security officers they r trying,see children of God,our God shall fish out all d troublers of dis our great nation 4rm every of their hideout,pls torture dat man well let him expos d others.God bless nigeria.

  13. what i do not understand is why the police hardly publish mob pictures of culprits? i would think its the assailants picture that should be on the page and not that of the police. i hope this is not a publicity stunt!

  14. Tnk God @least one of them has bin caught,pls they nid to wing d rest of dem frm him bfore they kil coz he desevres to die.i actually saw a couple of comments abt splitin d country in two i tink,bt do u realy tink by doin dt bh wil vanish?u must b dreamin.d best tin we cn do is pray &den hpe dt d govt will make a stnd on dis issue.

  15. The man should be made to confess all their members and offices so that all the Boko-haram elements would be cleansed off our dear country before they turn it into another thing.
    Kudos to the Nigeria Army for this. I knew that Police would not have been able to do it alone. God Bless.


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