Police confirms escape of Boko Haram prime suspect.

In a statement yesterday, the police force headquarters confirmed the escape of a suspected Boko Haram member, Kabir Sokoto while he was being transported to his apartment in Abaji, Abuja for further investigations by a team of policemen.

Kabir Sokoto is alleged to be the mastermind of the Christmas Day bombing of Saint Theresa Catholic Church Madalla where forty-three people died in the incident while 50 others sustained injuries.

The Nigerian Police Force public relations officer DCP Olusola Amore said in a statement;

“The Nigeria Police Force wishes to confirm that a suspect was arrested in a successful Police operation and was rescued from a team of Policemen detailed to carry out further investigation in the matter,”

“The suspect was handed over to a Commissioner of Police for further investigation and he consequently detailed his men to take the suspect to Abaji in furtherance of investigation.

“In the course of undertaking this important procedure, the Policemen on escorts with the suspect were attacked by the suspected sect gang members and in the process the suspect freed.

“The Police view this development as a serious negligence on the part of the Commissioner of Police and have since been queried and suspended him from duty.

“If a criminal case is established against him and his team, they will be prosecuted.”

Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has demanded that the security agents should produce the Kabir Sokoto in the next three days.

Other well-meaning Nigerians including Lagos lawyer Mr. Femi Falana have expressed their disgust and disappointment in the Police.


  1. Please can we have the commissioner of police to resign his appointment with immediate effect, he has continually expressed his incompetence by allowing the Boko Haram sect run without curtail, now an escape to a major member, his office failed to gather enough information for a proper conviction of a financier to the Boko Haram sect (the man jailed for 3 years). Very shameful.

  2. The Nigerian Police has the highest number of boko haram members in it. How do you want them to investigate their fellow members. The deputy inspector general himself could be an admiral of the sect; mark my words! Mr GEJ, we need external help to handle these vampires. Act now! Don’t fire that commissional of police yet. He acted on the order of his superior. He will soon confess it.

  3. If a woman sees me and remembers what happened to her child, let the thing that happened to her child befall her also. What nonsens. Lets be straight foreward and not bitting around the bush. That stupid and lucratic imbesile whom by misfortune becomes a comissioner of police, i belive without a second taught that he is responsible for the escape of that intrudent and murderer called sokoto.and his actions have point it clear that he is in support of the church bombing.he should nt only be dismissed from duty bt also be detained and punished under the supevision of learned army men with hard labour till he vomits the where about of the vampire(sokoto). If he fails to co-operate then his family members on a very serious note, should folow the same process. Some of The punishment that should be admisnistered to him are as folows .1. Pouring of raw acid on some parts of his body. 2. Injecting pepper into his vains. 3. Exposing him to electric shock. 4. 50 strokes of the cane using a 5mm cable every 5mins .6.he should be feed with roten west product of metabolism mixed with gasoline oil and dry gin .and lots more. Both the comissioner of police and his boys ar all NICOMPUs,SKALIWAGS/tankanyagtankanyag. Idiot. Nonsense with ingredient. Let the tunder that strikes last year strike all of them.

  4. Dis tin d commisioner nd d Dpo just they talk no be statement at all I asure u Nigerians dat both d Commissioner,DPO nd those policemen both sent nd not sent are those hoodlums dat has been d prime supporters of those bitches. D sec.attacked them on their way nd d prisoner freed ‘STORY’ they 4 just tell us pls we decided to free him bcuz his our boss atleast 9ja would hav considered them for atleast sayin d truth. Look d gov.should not only suspend them from their duty but they should be given a corpral purnishement until they provide those hoodlumz bcuz i knw 4sure they hav been the harbour masters as wel their godfathers. As if i knw before when i said dat the security agencies in those areas where those hoodlums do perform their acts should be d prime suspects. Tink of it they wil attack d people,fire bullet leavin many dead nd stil get away wit it witout any interfferance or any positive move by d police d next tin wil be their slogan ‘d police are investigatin’ investigate their ass. Dis tym their cup is full. They should be prosecuted until they provide those their boys. God Bless 9ja 4sure I knw dat those bandiths can’t bring us down we’re 2much 4 dem rather they will be eradicated 4rm d surface of dis earth..

  5. Hw can dey say a terrorist escaped 4rm their custody? Dat commissioner of police conived wit d boko haram suspect. He Shuld b sacked b4 facing d full weight of d law. He must b tried 4 treason. Wen dey take a robber 2 court,dey r heavily armed 2 d teeth. Y den wer dey taking a terrorist 4 search n dey took a handful of police men. Y must a terrorist escape?

  6. For God sake are we fools? Even a child would knw dat dis is a hankipanki game. How on earth would US be transportin a top criminal like kabir sokoto with a porous escort. As a matter of fact SSS and FG should question the IG of police bcos its obvious there is a foul play. And i decree with the blood of Jesus that if TERORIST KABIR SOKOTO is nt arrestd like CAN president have said in the next three days, the blood of Jesus that speaketh better than the people that were killed in MADALLED avenge in Jesus. As far as they hav blood flowin in their veins would neva see peace in their lives. Amen.

  7. Haba which kind cock and bull story be dis one nahh, hahahaha naija police una don fall my hand no be small, abi una stop for road to collect N20 from taxi driver b4 una know the terrorist don vanish? Oga IGP i know say your hand dey inside this thing, abeg talk true.

  8. May God almighty destroy all the police men in Nigeria for their evil and corruption and i pray that there’s no police man in Nigeria will ever see peace in their lives bcos the souls of those dead ones will follow all the Nigeria police in Jesus name AMENNNN. useless Nigeria police.

    Chief Ikemba of igbo land

  9. i dont beliv he would xcape lyk dat dat officer have hand in it he shuld b torched he must comfess d truth pls nigeria top office u people r giving special treat 2big men pls treat all equal espcial hug death case. Ds is nt a joke oh. Hw can dy free him nd no even xchange of bullet 2say dy ova power dem…ds is all lye h dnt bliv in ds mordern dayz tins lyk ds can happen

  10. pls friends. is already obvious to all that this boko haran thing is a nothern agenda just that our dear big bros GEJ ve refuse to open his eyes, first the animal was arested at borno state govt lodge, is that not enough evidence on who n who is behind boko whatever. they (police) a team of police as if they were more than just 4 guys who were made to carry out the investigation of such magnitude. bros joe i beg do something nw. let top police chiefs go in for this i can asure u that sm of them will stat singin sm song of confession just nw

  11. what the fuck are they talking about? A country without security, the IG, CP, DPO and the polcemen who are transporting the so call Boko Haram (xtian Haram) suspect should be detained. Who gave the other members (idiots) information? Fools wants to befool us. What an embarrasment to Nigerian Government? God we need you to change our nation for good…………….