Soldiers rescue Igbo chieftain from suspected Boko Haram assailants

It was gathered yesterday that suspected Boko Haram members invaded the residence of Chief Malachy Agbazue, the Eze Igbo in the Mubi area in Adamawa State with the intention of killing everybody there, but were overpowered by soldiers detailed to guard the house.

At least 15 Igbos residing in the area have been killed by the dreaded sect, thirteen from Adazi and two from Agulu, both of Anaocha LGA, Anambra state, the incident which lead to security being beefed up in the area.

The Awka branch of the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) made a statement through its chairman condemning the continued killings of Igbos in the North. He called on governors of South East states to send vehicles to evacuate their people in the north.

An excerpt of the statement read: “The Nigerian Bar Association, Awka branch takes exception to and decry in particular the gruesome murder of indigenes of Adazi community in Anaocha local government area of Anambra State by Boko Haram in Mubi, Adamawa state; “We urge the government of Anambra State to take all necessary steps to ensure the safety of lives and property of all Anambrarians living in the North; “We urge Anambra State government to quickly deploy enough luxury buses or vehicles to Northern part of Nigeria to convey home Anambrarians currently trapped in some of the Northern states in the country; and “that members of Nigeria Bar Association, Awka Branch are in full support of the recent calls for convening of Sovereign National Conference to discuss the entity called Nigeria.


  1. What an insult upon injury to us ‘NDI IGBOs’! I must tank u NBA Akwa branch, for ur concern but bringing dez pple back can’t just solve d problem. Doz it mean we IGBOS or CHRISTIANS are afraid of dis so called muslims? If it were muslims dey do wat dey hav been doing to CHRISTIANS al dis while, who knows wat would hav happd b4 now? HE WHO FIGHTS AND RUN LIVES TO FIGHT ANODA DAY. Dey shuld nt reason what hppd in 1967-1970 ooo!!!

  2. Yea,the Government better arrange that sovereign national convention to know the fate of the diverse peoples of this nation if we are going to stay together or not because pesonally i don’t see the reason why we should when some people are just being barbaric,arrogant and foolish.

  3. Fellow commentors,pls let’s be mindful of our choice of words and get some facts straight.Muslims are not the ones attacking but Boko Haram,even Muslims are of the opinion that they r not part of dem.

  4. It is obvious that this whole Boko Haram killings is political and are being sponsored by wealthy and meaningful Islamic/Muslems from the Nation. The earlier the federal government start boosting up security as to apprehend those behind the masterminding of these killings,I see Nigeria getting into another civil war.

  5. Muslims are the same forget about that talk that boko haram are not true muslims, they are all the same abeg, the muslims in d North can’t tell us they don’t know who the boko harams are, they are all liars if not wot will a boko haram strong man be doing in Borno state govt building in abuja…..pls don’t be deceived they are the same jor.

  6. 100-1=99<100. We're gradually loosing our great men/women everyday to this demonic set up called Nigeria.SNC is the only solution,but our political leaders can never support it bcos they value their positions more than human lives.Eburu ozu nwa onye ozo…….Ma nwa ebeghi akwa otu nne ya ga eku ya……its time 4 street protest CALLING 4 SNC.

  7. Boko haram or what they are called should be reminded that u dont touch a lion’s tail, dead or alife. Whenever the ibos decide fighting back, the border of chad and cameroun will not hide you all. Bombs and its fabrication started long here before you were born, aba, nnewi and awka has not lost their technological prowes go and verify, enough is enough.

  8. igbo’s are over dependent on other. Why build houses every abandoning ur home town? Now u cant even run fr ur live. Is der flood in ur home land? All u sell in d North is still amongs ur selve’s, hausa dont eat ur food yet u hv resturants in der land. D so called wisdom of d igbo man in d dark day’s has become folishness today, imaging aboki dey kill una like chiken & u tell me one Nija. Wait fr bus der, Mr busness man.

  9. muslimes and boko haram are all the same, consume boko haram u will see that the muslimes will be angry with u, when ever boko haram attack with bomb and gun all the muslimes and hausa rejoice over it by saying yes, mu ci nyamiri hahaha. Thats is mocking. May igbo fight back with no mercy i guest they flea and leave nigeria to niger. Useless set of people wawa hausa, aguya.


    Osis nuru na aga egbu ya kwuru, mmadu anaghi anu na aga egbu ya kwuru ka ma oghaba ka ukwu ya ha.
    Boko Haram whether we like it or not though a religious sect, is political instrument used by politicians in the high places to destroy our democracy for their politically motivated selfish interest.
    As for the Igbos/ Christians in the north, you were given 3 good days to go out of the North, Why do you wait to see what will happen? In all looks and crannies of the North and South Igbos build mansions and set up business empires at the detriment of the East. Who do you expect to decelop the Eastern Nigeria for you? The Hausas or of course the Yorubas? REMEMBER WHAT LATE IKEM TOLD YOU ON THE DAY HE CAME TO COMMISSION ALABA MARKET. Atooro omata omata atooro ofeke efeyi isi n’ohia. UDO DIRI NDI IGBO GBURU GBURU

  11. boko haram acts has no any relation 2 islamic activities, bcos a muslim is known ol ova d world as peace n tranquility maker. i guess boko haram were not naija but foreigners com 2 destroy d economy of d nation n diverge d heads of nigerians.

  12. My fellow Nigerians lets pray for God to remove that man call Badluck the president bcos he should know what suppose to do to those thief’s call themselves boko haran or whatever them call themselves.

  13. All said & done…..amongst all of you altering statements that are insultive none of you can deer to stand up like Comrade Ojukwu did., bcos you are all dishonest people. Comrade Ojukwu was not dishonest, but what ever course one is fighting for it should be done through the right channel.
    As for the B.H by Gods grace they will be exposed and expunged. Though we can not wait for that forever. Nigeria government must rise up to the challenge, bcos this is an irresponsible act by the government.


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