United Nations Commend Goodluck Jonathan On The Removal Of Fuel Subsidy

Despite the ongoing protests rocking Nigeria because of the removal of fuel subsidy, the United Nations, UN has commended President Jonathan for withdrawing the subsidy on petroleum products, describing it as “a bold and correct policy”.

Speaking during a visit to President Jonathan at the State House, Abuja, the Special Adviser to the United Nations’ Secretary General, Prof. Jeffrey Sachs, said the funds from the removal of subsidy would go a long way to rapid infrastructural development and the health sector.

Sachs also commended Nigeria’s president for his conditional grants to local governments for the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals, describing it as “one of the most innovative schemes of using national resources for local government development”.

Similarly, European Union, EU has said that it has confidence in Nigeria’s economic and political system.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Finland, Dr. Erkki Tuomoija, disclosed this while speaking to President Goodluck Jonathan during an audience at State House, Abuja. a

He stated that his country and most of Europe have confidence in Nigeria’s economy and political system.

“Your economy is doing very well, and many countries in Europe envy your growth figures”, he said, adding that “we have confidence in your democracy, and in your ability to deal with the terrorism and other challenges confronting you”.

Tuomoija described Nigeria as “a very important partner” and underlined the many similarities and views shared by the two countries on global issues in the United Nations and other multilateral for a, and assured President Jonathan of Finland’s continued cooperation.

Responding, President Jonathan said Nigeria was facing challenges, especially in the area of terrorism, and requested for technical assistance to check the menace.

Source: Vanguard Newspapers

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  • The CAPITALISTS, why wont they support the withdrawal of fuel subsidy when their companies are waiting to exploit us. It wont work. Sovereihnty belongs to the MASSES not even the President will dare the masses. We can’t fold our hands and watch this tyranical and authoritarian principles & ideologies. GEJ we elected you to implement policies that will better our lives not to do otherwise. We don’t want it and is final, 99.5 of Nigerians don’t welcome that idea, so we all want the old price of fuel. UN take note of this.

  • This is absolutely despicable! The politics played by the UN and Erkki Tuomoija in this instance is ridiculous. A mini war breaks out and now Nigeria is the envy of Europe. When will Africans realise that the west is happy when we have chaos?!

    Lifting fuel subsidy may be a good idea if the money saved will be re-invested in the country, most importantly on health, housing, infrastructure and education, including TEACHERS’ SALARIES! Somehow, I don’t think these will happen!!!

    These people all forget that we do not die with our money! IT DOESN’T STOP HERE ON EARTH!

  • Mr. President incase you forgot this is a democratic govt. If we don’t want fuel subsidy removal bring it back this is not dectatorship i guess you still remember the gadafi story!

  • Angie, how are we sure they will truely make good use of resources. We been hearing stories from our leaders from independent to today. The thing is that the rich will get richer and the poor will poorer and more poorer. Who will run the oil business? Private hands right? Then the people implementing the policy will surely deligate their friends and relatives to take on the job. Lets be considerate in doing things.

  • this is absolutely unacceptable. .the u n got their companies waiting 4 such uppotiunity. .now you are giving them the chance. .WE ARE NIGERIANS . .WE ELECTED YOU AND WE WANT WHAT WILL BETTER OUR LIVES. Not the otherwise. .we wont fold our arms and watch that happen. .

  • what, GEJ has done by removing the subsidy on pms is laudable. Let’s not allow those who were reaping the benefits of subsidy decieve us. They are sponsoring their stooge all over the country 2 cause chaos so as 2 maintain the status quo. Nigerians pls be wise and give this govt. the benefit of doubt. Happy new year everyone.

  • Infact GEJ tel UN dat Nigerians wouldn’t fold her arms to let this happen just 2 satisfy dere selfish interest as we sit back being exploited. De opinion and interest of de masses must be respected. This is against our wil dere4 should be done away wit. Nigerians are sayin a big NO TO DE REMOVAL OF FUEL SUBSIDY

  • Everything dats happening is making me sick! I cant c y our govt cannot read the intention of foriegner to Nigeria. How can someone congratulate u wen ur house is on fire? They should also congratulate him for many souls dat have been killed! They said dat d voice of men is d voice of gods. Jonathan should understand the meaning of dat word “envy”. Foreigners are looking for opportunities to explore Nigeria hence congratulating him. Pls lets face the right people nd not d innocent ones. Govt shuld consider d interest of d masses, atleast, nd do d right thing. It wil b unfortunate for this regime to destroy what our past leaders built in years, in a day. Nigeria is gradually falling apart! To be frank, there is no future in this country.

  • I can’t believe this, UN congratulating GEJ 4 unwarranted suffering & hardship he’s inflicting on the masses.This is on called for.I pity this Nation.We only ave God 2 run 2 nw since d World Powers are d one sponsoring dis evil.

  • Nigeria is a developing nation suffering from ineffective infrastructure, lack of security and safety, among others. No democratic dividend extends to the people save this fuel subsidy. Neglected is the statement of EU nd UN. This exemplifies politics as played in the international community which is also established on Selfism and unfair policy.

  • in gadafi case usa and u.n wer against gadafi,dats y the pple suceeded in overthrowi him, in dis case u.s and u.n are on d side of jonathan, so quit d strik i dnt c much progres made wit this

  • Beleive me my fellow Nigerians, lets give Mr President d benefit of a doubt. Remember the worst harm could b done through the best intention. Lets just let him do as he wishes and watch the outcome.

  • Make thunder fire UN and so- called united states. Instead of you guys to see to sufferings of the masses,you guys are saying rubbish. How dare you guys interfer to our country affairs? Do you think all Nigeria citizens are rich the way you guys are? I owe the FG no appology. I support NBA for motion of impeachment. I don’t want to even talk about Asuu strike. Rubbish!!!

  • Nigeria hv Billions of Dollars 4rm it’s foreign reserve account deposited in an American Company and many oda billions in foreign banks,while wouldnt they envy us bcos of our money. Hv u seen America trying 2 help a country without oil,gold,diamond,or any valuables.4 e.g they attacked Iraq, and odas like dem 4 there selfish gains. Still Americans and oda European countries are all competing 4 d management of d billions dat will come out of d subsidy. AFRICA, especially Nigeria, it’s high time u stop deceiving ur people and become wise 4 once. face d truth or d wrath of GOd will decend on u

  • This is a worst movement and the so called UN commending the president of the removal of fuel subsidy.Nigerians we need to open our brain before this country turn upside down.why won’t UN commend him,because they have selfish interest on draining us.let’s look at ajaokuta steel been privatise,the white ppl took everything to their country and they are bring nonsense back to us.secondly the best refinery in south africa is been owned by a Nigerian and it boosting their economy growth.without removal of fuel subsidy Nigeria is OKAY.let renovate our refinery and develop this GREAT NATION that GOD has blessed.God bless Nigeria

  • It is now obvious GEJ is acting d script of UN & her allies. Nigerians must rise against all UN sheriff in whatever form

  • Well don GEJ u a God sent 2 stop corruption in nigeria,pls try and introduce an incentive to our rural dewellers to alleviate their suffering,bcs they are worst hit by this present condition.YOU ARE JINX BREAKER.

  • the precident is full of shit he will die one day and someone will kill him and all their members. bokoham please try and kill goodluck for us we are angry nigerians are angry. thier is nothing like subsidy in nigerian iol system this is just a means to eat money and get more foriegn reserve account.

  • instead of complains, lets pray 4 Nigeria. it’s only God dt can guarantee our peace, happiness, security n stability. He alone know d end 4rm d beginning. lets welcome Him to control d leadership of dis nation n 2 destroy every perpetrator of evil, disunity n insecurity in our country.

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