A SPOON OF LOVE [Guest Post]

I am beginning this post by writing that I am beginning it so to put a few words down and in a way get my writing engine revving. It’s usually not hard for me to get my engine revving…Okay! You caught me there, that’s a fib alright…but in this case it won’t hurt much most especially as I want to talk about LOVE.

Mehn! Those four letters are something else. Alone, they are just mere alphabets but put together, they form a word which has made lots of people write books and call them “bestsellers”…leaves me wondering who the actual bestseller is amongst all the bestsellers…or start magazine columns and phone in programs on TV and radio or produce movies like “Why do fools fall in love?””Love at first hiccup”, “Love & BBall”, blah-blah-blah!!!
This four letters would give women enough reason to call men animals… and sometimes they go on point and try to be specific by calling the men dogs, goats, some would even make it a he-goat; meeehhh!!…and make the men put up the word as their second most used vocab…I am saying No. 2 because I have no basis to put it on the number1 spot, but then we know nah…and the same letters would make people go loony and do all sort of crazy things which on a good-day they wouldn’t do…i.e. is there ever is anything as a good-day…All these show the power of LOVE.
So much has been written about these four letters when put together, heck! They have been written and rewritten in different ways like: Luv, Lve, Lv, ♡, etc…special thanks to SMS writing…the word is just so complex…Yes! That’s my view. Even though other people would say it’s beautiful, it’s good, it’s simple, it’s blind or it’s wicked…Brick N Lace say so…I still maintain that it is complex.
 WHY? You may ask…well even if you don’t, I would still tell…First, let’s just assume that love could just be another word like spoon or egg or mud or better still, lets just imagine that putting the four letters together don’t make sense as would be the case of spelling KVRJ, then the word LOVE wouldn’t mean a thing. Now, lets jump back to the first assumption, if the word LOVE were just to be a name of a place or thing…it could be anything, after all it was someone who created the letters E & G and still another who looked at an egg and decided to name it an egg and spell it “correctly” by doubling the G… So you see, LOVE could actually just be a word; no, it is just a word.
It could have been the word “Spoon” which could have taken or represented the meaning that is being giving to LOVE nowadays and since whenever…which is a lot…and we would totally buy into it and it would be so romantic to see a guy tell a girl “I really spoon you” or a priest preaching “Thou shall spoon thy neigbours as thy self” and then we would have movies like “From Russia with Spoon” and Tony Tetuilla would sing “I’m in spoon with two women, I don’t know which one to take”.
Okay now, enough of the “SPOON” yarns. I was only trying to explain how love could just be …NO! … How it is just like any other word but one our mind has been fixated into believing it means all we say and believe it means.
The power of these four letters put together is great and this in itself adds to its complexity, but one thing I don’t really get is how or rather, what LOVE has to do with the heart…I mean it is enough giving it the power and meaning we have giving it but now saying and truthfully believe that love resides in the heart is…the adjective to define it hasn’t been created…and you would see say they have heartbreaks because they lost the “LOVE” of a person. All these sort of conclusions is somewhat funny to me and guess it’s from the same root, that the believe that heaven is above…okay, I am keeping my mouth sealed on this one before thunder fire-burn me.
Well, since its something that cannot be changed and you know how the saying goes: If you can’t beat them, then cheat…I mean join them…No matter how complex, wicked, simple or ugly LOVE is, it ain’t just about saying I LOVE YOU or 143…back in the days, right?…It’s more about showing it and meaning it.
As for me, I would do my best and pretend love ain’t complex even though I know it is or why else would I be putting up a post I don’t really understand myself. By the way, this post is just a tip of the iceberg of LOVE complexity; other parts would be on how a person can really & truly be in love with 2 people at the same time…Tetuilarism…or a case of hating that you love a person…Rihanism…etc, etc blah! blah!! …sha! If you have read to this point, thanks a lot. I SPOON YOU.
By Kemnele Kelechi


  • yeah kkk…love is simply nothing and completely insane without having someone to share it with..as 4me luvin ma babe and all d pple around me is all d best i could eva do since it’s reciprocal reflecting back to u like when u gaze and look in2 a mirror…indeed nothing is eva greater than that 4 letter word – L+O+V+E = “LOVE”…..cheerssss

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