Aftermath of ASUU strike: SSANU gives indefinite strike notice

The Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities (SSANU) on Wednesday said it would embark on an indefinite strike over the non- implementation of its 2009 agreement with the Federal Government.

Mr Alfred Jimoh, the National Vice President, West Zone, told news men in Ibadan that the main reason for the strike was to press home SSANU’s demand for the 65 years retirement age.

He said the national executive of the association at the end of its 40th quarterly meeting in Ado-Ekiti resolved to commence the strike.

“SSANU was to embark on an indefinite strike on about two occasions; but due to the appeal made by the Federal Government, we decided to sheath our sword.

“As at today, only the salary aspect of the agreement has been partially implemented.

“The government, however, promised to implement all agreements, including the retirement age by the 29th of February.

“Nothing has been done and it will interest you that today is 29th and no agreement has been signed by the government.

“SSANU is not happy about this; we have shown enough understanding with government and it is really affecting our members negatively.

“So any moment from 12 mid-night, we will give directives to our members to embark on strike,’’ he said.


  1. Sometimes i wonder why the government of our dear country will refuse to implement act when necessary,but of course if ASUU goes on an indefinite strike,those that will be affected will be we student.Why do we keep on making things difficult for ourselves.God help Nigeria.

  2. When people are crying of high rate of unemployment SSANU is planning to go on strike in order for them to work till death? Is 60yrs not enough to retire from service? Most cases, at 55 and beyond, their productivity has dropped to almost zero. They just seat in their offices snoring away day in, day out.

  3. Der is no aluta conscious studnts in nig.wat is nans doing abt dis strikes,does it mean we av no right again?everybdy is fightn 4 his/her on selfish interest in nig.both militants,boko haram,asuu,ssanu,mossob etc,dis same tin.greatest nigerian studnts wat is d way forward?skul fees increase evry wer,fuel subsidy,lecturers oppresing & intimidatn studnts,govt neglectn educatn,why!!!!!! Den wu ar d today & future leaders,lets mobilise our selves in unity and talk d way forward,if nt d nxt agenda for govt is to close down al nigerian universities so dat dey can rest,go to diff.medias nd air ur views,gada urselves nd storm ur state 4 massive protest non stop.den pray to God 4 directn nd intervention,LONG LIVE NIGERIA,LONG LIVE EDUCATION,LONG LIVE ME.

  4. Another strike again? Very interesting. Well I don’t blame the government at all. I blame all dose on d high seat of Asuu and SSANU. They are fighting for their own selfish means and ofcourse their children school in ghana or somewhere outside Nigeria. I will say continue being proud to open ur mouth to say u want to go on strike 2 hinder our education while all iz well 4 ur own kids.

  5. If I was in government, I would have sacked all the old lecturers and give the job to young people nd graduates who are eager to do the Job. The old ones are dia doing shakara while there is someone hia looking 4 dat job. May God judge u people.


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