Being Judgmental

If you are not me, then you cannot tell me what I mean or said. You can only but confirm what you think I have said based upon the circumstances that surrounds my utterance. Either way no one else is in a position or qualified to tell me what I am saying.


And that’s where we all started from, we were never judgmental, assumptuous or provocative, never assuming, or confrontational. We were just innocent souls trying to relate better with each other. Yes I agree we were trying to keep up a good front, putting the best feet forward after all first impressions matter, and after that mark is reached we let down our guards and become our usual self.


It is at that point that the message we pass across is ‘this is me, take it or leave it.’ Initially we were trying to woo the other, to make them like us. We were willing to go for the walks in the park, to sit and watch football because he loves it, but over time we now try to put our foot on the ground and refuse to give in in areas we initially had no problems with.


Many relationships have moved from making compromise to the me-first roles. They have sub-consciously assumed the master roles of what they were once students at. We are all learning- 50 years into a marriage, couples still say they are learning something new each day about the other.


We never come to a point of excellence we only strive towards it every day and hope that we become better than we were the day before. The more we try to show ourselves, the more we break away from each other. The more we try to take our stand, the farther we walk away from each other.


Folu Popoola

Twitter: @lifekulture