Being Yourself

‘Put your best feet forward’ but let it be a true representation of who you are. Dress to impress, talk with charisma, spend as though there’s no tomorrow, but when the cards are down you should still be able to live that same impressive lifestyle in marriage?


First impressions matter the most because we’re writing on blank pages. That’s why we make sure they resonate long after its effect. Being yourself is the best thing to do for your self-worth. Yes be open to new challenges and a new way of doing things, but if it’s not you then don’t try to fake it. Trying new things doesn’t mean pretending.


If I don’t accept you for who you are don’t worry, someone else will adore you. In a 6 billion man world, there’s got to be one, that one who will cherish what another doesn’t adore. There’s bound to be one or two people who would adore you for you. Don’t force it, don’t fake it, keep it real and be patient.


Every relationship is always tested and those built on the wrong foundation always crack under stress. No matter how much you cover up, everything hidden will eventually surface. Act reasonably.


Folu Popoola

Twitter: @lifekulture