Boko Haram crisis: Speaker appeals for British assistance

House of Representatives Speaker, Hon. Aminu Tambuwal on Thursday called on the British government to assist Nigeria in addressing ongoing security challenge.

Hon. Tambuwal made this call while receiving the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Andrew Lloyd and the visiting permanent secretary, Department for International Development (DFID ), Mark Lowcock in his office.

The honorable speaker said such intervention was necessary to help enthrone an atmosphere that will promote peace.

He also appealed for understanding from Nigeria’s friends and neighbours on the situation in the country.

In his words;

“We are in interesting times in Nigeria. And I will like to use this opportunity to call on our friends to understand our situation. They should understand our situation because the phenomenon we are facing in Nigeria in terms of security challenge is not only peculiar to Nigeria as a country. It is becoming a global phenomenon.

“So while you are making efforts in ensuring that you address the phenomenon in your own home country, also consider your brothers who are probably far away from you in terms of geographical expression but very close to you in terms of relationships.

“And please factor our interests in ensuring that we attain global peace because without peace there cannot be any meaningful development. It is on this note that I welcome you and I wish you a very pleasant stay in Nigeria.”

Hon. Tambuwal also mentioned that Britain has been involved in relentless fight for peace in its country and other parts of the world, saying that improved security in Nigeria will help foster global peace.

Mark Lowcock did not comment on the security challenge facing Nigeria, but pledged to continue to collaborate with Nigeria in all development initiatives adding that he was impressed with the way the leadership of the House has been addressing some of the issues especially those relating to women, children and human rights.


  1. Please sir, we have been working like slaves-casual workers in PHCN for more than 10 years now on a fixed monthly salary of #10,000. Please sir, we urge you to mandate the management of PHCN to as matter of urgency, regularize our appointments. Thanks

  2. hey mr. Tambuwal you are idiot totaly fool you dont even know what you are doing. How can you bring such kind of people in our country for peace. You are jackass tambuwal, are they nigerians? how can they bring peace. While even you as a citizen of nigeria and a leader in nigeria you can’t bring peace. Think asshole you want to bring us in a situation morethan the one we are in.

  3. Hon. Aminu please not invite any country to interfere our security challange with Bokoharam, you see how British high commision they do not comment, why cause it internal challange. When we are short for Bokoharam those are very small coward group, so we think for help. But now we start with them.

  4. Honestly people continue to perish for lack of knowledge! We hear this fools that never know what the source of their problems are claiming to be having answers to it!
    How can even fool not know that anything British or US in any country’s affairs is a call for total destruction and unending terrorism?
    Where on this earth has Britain or their allies in terror created peace or avenue for such?
    By the way, Britain created the fraud they called Nigeria, sustained it with their weapons of mass destruction, and continue to fund the same Islamic terrorists around the world include the so-called boko haram. Now they know that when boko haram cause chaos that the empty headed idiots in power will be willing to call them back in an official colonisation, with free access with unrestricted rights to enter anywhere and take over anything in the name of ‘help’… When will black man wake up and know who their real enemies are??
    The West and Islam remains the worst enemy of Africans and black man!!! Sorry, the truth is bitter… check how many decades of Western exploitation and enslavement of Africa/ns and compare it with few years of China’s relationship. (Of the two evil, at least the China is more of a partner than savage imperialist)…
    Nigeria must be quickly (Officially) break-up to break away from the evil the British planted there, for total destruction of especially non-Muslims (Biafrans in particular).
    Inferiority complex with ignorance is a drop dead cocktail!
    Wake up Biafrans (And other Christians), Britain have no good policy for you! They are nothing but Islamic (anti-Christian) country, masking as ‘Christian’ country.