Boko Haram threatens to bomb MTN, Airtel, Glo and NCC

Boko Haram has warned that they would launch attacks on offices and installations of telecommunication service providers across the country.

The charge against them: aiding the arrest of its top members: Abul ‘Qaqa’, (the sect insists Abul Dadar, not Abul Qaqa, was arrested), and Kabiru Sokoto.

The group’s spokesperson, who still claims to be ‘Abul Qaqa’ conveyed the alert in a telephone conference interview with journalists in Maiduguri.

Boko Haram alledged that GSM service providers- MTN, Airtel and Glo  provided security agents with the call log of Boko Haram members, which was leading to security operatives tracking down their members.

The Boko Haram spokesperson also said that the Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC)  has also been penciled down to be attacked.

“We are also issuing similar threat to the Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) for given directives to GSM operatives to release information on our movements,” Qaqa said.

Qaqa boasted: “No matter what, we cannot be deterred. No amount of arrest of leaders will stop us from striking, but like I said we will strike and it will be soon.”


  1. I don’t blame them na. I don’t. Nigerian Government can’t differentiate between militants and terrorist, thus FG’s calling the Boko Haram sect for negotiation instead of clamping down on them as terrorist. Aside the UAE, no other part of the world negotiates with any terror group. Why should Nigeria be an exception? Why? Oh! FG feels “there’s the oil money, so, let call the sect and settle them with oil money”. But FG has forgotten that a blackmail that’s not totally taken care of today, will still be brought up tomorrow. UN, and other World Governing bodies says “zero tolerance for terrorism”. It’s high time Nigeria Government takes “trace and execute them all step” to ends this menace!

  2. Let the FG stop thinking of having discussion with BH. They will continue to brag because the government gave them attention. They are not militants but terrorist. No amount of sense can enter their perforated brain. I tell you the truth, BH leaders fear death. Catch one of the leaders, that one in a matter of hours turns pale. None of the leaders has ever carried bomb on suicide mission, but they know how to force lesser fools to kill himself.

  3. At this juncture, it behoves every Nigerian to join hands in the fight against terrorism. Talk ain’t enough, we must be willing to give needed info to security operatives. Without bias,I think more info should be streaming from the North, as the Terrorist group are very resident there. No cause for alarm, our telecommunication service providers will be safe.

  4. Leave d sect called boko haram. Devil ur forefather did more than that and atlast he was dethroned. What have u oh u boko haram before Nigerians u shall come to nothing in jesus.

  5. if only bh will realise b4 it becomes 2late 4dem 2knw dat no amount of lives taken will ever gain dm victory, dey r all bunch of loosers nd dey ll all rot in d fairy furnence of hell!


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