Breaking News: SSS Captures Boko Haram Spokesman, Abul Qaqa

Nigeria’s State Security Service SSS has captured the spokesman of the Boko Haram sect, Abul Qaqa.
Abul Qaqa, who often speaks to journalists after Boko Haram attacks is said to have been tracked using his mobile phone.
According to an SSS officer, “It was a landmark feat that was achieved through collaboration with various stakeholders,” he said.

“Qaqa is a senior member of the Shura (Supreme Council) of the sect and his arrest is probably the biggest ever made by security forces since after the death of the leader of the sect Mohammed Yusuf in 2009,” the SSS source said.
More details soon!


  1. A welcome development indeed. These Boko Haram members are not spirits. They live among us. They are fathers, husbands, wives, daughters, sons, landlords, and tenants of some people. I hope we won’t wake up tomorrow to hear that he has absconded just like Kabiru Sokoto. It is high time we Nigerians woke up from our slumbers. The security angencies should deal with those butchers of Nigeria that are denting the image of Islam. One Nigeria, today and forever. God bless Nigeria

  2. Its a shame that the SSS don’t know a thing about information management. How can they tell the general public their modus operandi. What is wrong if they just told the public they arrested the Boko Haram spokesman through intelligence gathering? Or are they not interested in apprehending the others witheir sponsors? SSS, wake up.

  3. Now the Sovereign National Conference can commence.If the BOKOM HARAM gangs do not want to be part of modern educated Nigeria we can expel them to the Sahara desert/Saudi Arabia/Yemen/Aghanistan/Pakistan or what ever. Similarly MEND/OPC/MOSSOB/MOSSOGINI can be thrown to the Atlantic ocean if they do not want to belong to our beloved Nigeria. Seriously speaking SSS should just round up IBB, ATIKU, BUHARI, BAKARE, TINUBU, IBORI, OBJ, TAM DAVID WEST, UDUAGHAN, DESILVA, CHRIS OKOTIE, BANKOLE, DANGOTE, ADENUGA,AWUZIE/ASUU/NLC/TUC/NUPENG, and all other troublesome political/motorpark AGBEROS to a 300 days holidays in ANTARTICA/ARTIC circle to allow Nigeria move forward.

  4. 9ice job sss bt it nt yet time 4 celebration and we are nt sure if is 100% true.Pls don’t implicate an innocent because u want to please d whole nation,all i know is that when the time comes we won’t see them again,just like the isrealite and egyptian.God wil take control

  5. I jst hope that he is the one arrested. And if truly he is, we are breaking new grounds nd the cries of the victims has reached the seat of justice of God.Why is Yusuf Usman pleading on his behalf or is he related to him.He does not need to be tried because even a severly mentally retarded person knows that he is guilty +++++++++++++++ already so y waist tym on deciding his punishment.he should be made to die a painful death nd go for virgins prepared for him in hell.Afterall the people he wasted had right to life but he hardened his heart. SSS we don’t want to hear story about this big fish or else the blood of the innocent nigerians killed will be required from ur ur back guys.Weldone!!!