DAGRIN MOVIE: We did not infringe copyright – VIRGIN ATLANTIC

Following the accusation two weeks ago by the producers of the ‘Ghetto Dreamz,’ Stingomania that Virgin Atlantic had infringed on their copyright by allegedly listing and airing the movie as part of Virgin’s in-flight entertainment for passengers on their planes, the Management of the Virgin Atlantic has come out to say that it did not infringe on copyright laws concerning the movie.

Bennet Scot, an official in charge of press matters at Virgin Atlantic’s corporate office at Ikeja, Lagos, stated that Virgin Atlantic “has no case to answer.”

“Virgin Nigeria has not infringed on any laws concerning this matter and any legal issue regarding this is to be resolved by the global production company and the producers”, said the official.

When probed further if Virgin Atlantic had no case to answer in the matter, she replied “I’m afraid so”. She however refused to comment further on the issue.

Stingomania Records, had brought a lawsuit against the company for what it alleged were flagrant disregard of copyright laws on the protected work, ‘Ghetto Dreamz’.

Stingomania says it is suing the airline for damages to the tune of N1 Billion as well as N50M as cost of prosecution.