Enraged Church members kill suspected bomber in Jos

Angry Worshippers on Sunday killed one of the two suspected carriers of the bombs that exploded at the Church of Christ Nations (COCIN) in Jos during an early morning Sunday service.

The suicide car bomb attack claimed 3 lives, leaving 38 others injured.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the bomber and one other, who both wore army camouflage, drove into the Church and beat the security before hitting the building.

NAN correspondent, who was at the scene, reports that the suspect appeared to be in his early 30s.

The suspect, who wore a neatly carved moustache, looked well-fed.

But probably afraid of dying, the bomb carrier jumped out of the vehicle just before the blast went off and attempted to run but could not move as he was affected by the blast.

The angry worshipers, however, descended on him and clubbed him to death.

An eyewitness and a worshipper in the Church, Joyce Dalyop, told NAN that there were arguments among the worshipers over what to do with the bomber before he was finally killed.

“Immediately they (bombers) entered the Church, one of them jumped out of the black jeep but luck ran out of him as the explosion affected him and so he could not run very fast before he was caught.’’

“Some people even pleaded that he should not be killed; they suggested that he should be handed over to Police for further investigation, but others argued that the police could not be trusted and opined that the suspect may be released,” she said.

Another worshipper in the Church, Elder Bulus Haruna, said that the other bomber, who drove the vehicle, was blown into pieces together with the vehicle that was reduced to only the engine.

“His (bomber) body parts were scattered everywhere – the legs and hands were charred and had become roasted by the fire from the explosion,” he said.



  • God av mercy on thy departed faithful,giv succour 2 their luved ones,nd lord save thy people nd bless thy inheritance,bring peace in our tym o lord 4 there is no other that wil fight 4 us but only thou o lord,saints of God leave vengeance 4 God,we av a hope even wen we die,we ar jst strangers here,there is lyf afta nw.question is where wil u go afta death,jesus is sayin come unto me all ye dat a heavy ladden i wil give u rest.no one gets 2 God(Allah) execpt through him(JESUS),Acept him NOW?SHALOM.

  • Who are this bunch of cowards,who had no life&ready to take lives of our innocent citizens. The other bomber caught shouldn’t have been kill. He could have been a step closer towards identifying this devilish group of people. To those that lost their lives,I say rest in perfect peace,to those sustain injuries wishing them quick recovery. United we strong&divided we are weak. Continuity to Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  • Y not take the snap shots of the apprehended bomber so that d world knows his identity, atleast! I hop he was not quickly killed (extra judicialy) because he appeared 2 b d likes of Joshua’s /Bulus’s that were caught in similar COCIN church @ Bauchi this sunday morning?

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