Ex-militants bomb hotel in Delta.

An unnamed hotel in Delta State serving as temporary residence for ex-militants undergoing training under the Federal Government Amnesty Programme was bombed on Monday.

As a result of the bombing, a section of the hotel building collapsed and several other rooms were affected. Shattered blocks, doors and roof were all over the place.

According to reports, the ex-militants accused the management of the hotel of scheming to deprive them of their entitlements and released an onslaught of dynamites on the hotel, located in Osubi in Okpe Local Government area in Delta State.

The hotel management and a source close to the consultant, Generic College, however, described the allegation as unfounded.

Sources saythat the ex-militants had little interest in gaining an education or training. Instead, they had demanded that the consultant pay them money meant for their hotel accommodation and other allowances.

Reports say that the ex-militants and the consultants have not been on friendly ground during the past months.

The Delta State Commissioner of Police, visited the site, joined by the Director of the SSS in the state as well as Area Commanderd of Police in Ughelli and Warri. There are no exact details of the arrests.

The Joint Task Force (JTF) were said to have suspects in custody.


  1. U see wot democracy has brought us! Boko ppl in d north nd militancy in d south. O my God! These so called militant are very ungrateful. Wot exactly do dey want? After d huge amount both d fed nd state is doin to make peace wt dem..they shld go to hell wt their so call oil. We are just tire of them ..

  2. if these ex-militants don’t want to be trained but asking for advance payment of their accommodation fee and other allowances, I wonder in what way they want to be useful to themselves, parents, families and to the nation – their father land. They only want to be wealthy without hardwork. As semi-educated people, if they want an energy-demanding job, i suggest they are recruited into the force(army) inorder to prevent their being public nuisance to the society and subsequently to the nation at large.

  3. Can you give bread and butter to a dog? Certainly not bcos U will be lookin 4 trouble. The dog must surely bite U. These ex-militants as U people call them are not interested in Ur so-called trainin. All they are after is share the money. Those that are interested in the trainin and U see them fully committed weren’t in the creeks durin the crisis in the Niger-delta, they are people that are using this lope-hole to gain what the government has been depriving us the Nigeria people. Stop wasting money on these set of people bcos U will not achieve anything positive. Mr. President don’t believe what Ur advisers are tellin U, take them unaware and visit the places where these ex-militants are said to be undergoing trainin to know if they are really progressing. THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED IN THE TRAINING. ALL THEY ARE AFTER IS SHARE THE MONEY, BUY A BIG CAR, GO CLUBBING AND MOVE AROUND WITH THE SO-CALLED CLASSIC LADIES IN TOWN. To them that is what is called life. I pity them bcos the end will justify the means as surely a king will arise that will not be a part of this deal.

  4. @doe passport, Freeman good wen he say make dem recruit U into army o. 4 me una suppose face firing squad, una wen want to rich without workin that no be criminal offence. U dey open Ur mouth dey tell somebody say he mouth dey smell what of ur own? I see say since them born U, U never brush 4 one day.Make U no find sometin meaningful to do with ursef, ur pikin go beat u wen he one go school and u no fit provide 4 am. U and ur colleaques na disgrace to this our region. SHAME ON UNA.