First Approach

It’s a guy’s role to step up his game and ask a lady out, (if anyone thinks otherwise I’m unmoved!) A lady who asks a guy out somewhat belittles her value based on man’s psyche, and has made an easy kill for him. Guys are made to work for and value what comes with respect as prized possessions.


The phrase ‘prized possession’ isn’t used derogatory as it means something cherished and of worth to men. A lady equally has a thing or two to do as there are 1001 ways she can make a guy know she likes him. Many factors such as pride, egotism, religious misinterpretations have made ladies passive and regret their inactivity.


Where is the balanced? A guy makes the first move, and if a lady likes him first, there are ways to make it obvious, but let him make the move.


Ladies, act, something we call girl power! You know what I mean; other ways are giving time and showing affection.


Based on our makeup, it’s easier when a guy gets rejected; though he may be hurt he simply picks himself up, dusts himself and looks for the next catch. Instead, it takes more for a lady to get over rejection, she’s either in or out, she puts everything on the table and hopes it works out once she’s committed.


Folu Popoola

Twitter: @lifekulture