For Better Or For Worse

Everybody changes over time, but the only reason 2 people go into a nuptial agreement is because they understand the change that would come for both of them is change in light of becoming better people. As they go through, interact and live life they’d share and complement each other by improving on themselves.


Those who divorce equally change. Either one changes to becoming mean and insensitive or both become unable to rekindle the love once shared. But yes they’ve changed over time and since the change isn’t desirous they give up love and go separate ways.


Divorces don’t occur because couples no longer love each other, but because they no longer like each other. These should sound familiar, ‘I don’t like how he treats me,’ ‘I don’t like when she talks back at me,’ ‘I don’t like his (whatever) habits.’ You’ve accommodated these things for so long and now become issues you can’t take it no more.


Therefore before going into a relationship, understand both parties change over time, and that’s why you should never compromise your standards to begin with. Don’t initially settle for less because you don’t have the power to change anyone, better to wait than break, be patient.

Folu Popoola

Twitter: @lifekulture