Government spent N4.8 Billion on school fees of ambassadors’ children in 2011.

Olugbenga-Ashiru, Foreign affairs minister

During yesterday’s budget defence, lawmakers were stunned that the Foreign Ministry spends much more above the approved amounts for paying school fees.

Ministries, departments and parastatals are facing lawmakers for the annual budget defence during which shocking revelations of government’s bogus spending usually emerge, meeting with lawmakers’ short-lived criticisms.

Nnena Elendu- Ukeje, the head of the House of Representatives foreign affairs committee on yesterday expressed shock at the huge bill the foreign affairs ministry spends annually on school fees.

The N4.8 billion paid by the foreign ministry for the education of its workers’ children in 2011 was far above the approved allocation for the purpose.

The amounts foot the fees of children of ambassadors and other diplomatic staff in the nearly 200 missions run by Nigeria across the world.

Although the foreign affairs ministry proposed to spend N5.2 million for the same purpose this year lawmakers believe ‘it will be raised after appropriation’.

Lawmakers said ministry officials have been presenting such fees and other expenditures of the ministry in bulk without details, names of beneficiaries, thereby allowing officials a freehand to later adjust the approved figures, and spend same unilaterally.

When queried about the N2 billion the foreign ministry budgeted to spend on transport and travels in 2012, the foreign affairs minister, Olugbenga Ashiru responded by saying;

“We travel to get the best. You need to get well-trained diplomats. Without training, you will not get good diplomats. Without training, there will be no results. We send some of them to Oxford, some to Italy as they will be competing with the best from the world.”


  1. Wahooo….speechless!!!,what an outragious amount of hard earn tax payers money,spent on wards of already rich citizens of our sate,when we or even me myself is busy languishing in a public instuitution without basic amenity,and lack of funding from this so called leaders!!,hmmm.all I know is that posterity and God himself will make them suffer for all their deeds,God dey cos these case he will intervene one day.

  2. This is a very important issue that need to be threated by national assembly,if such urge morney is been spent on ambassadors chidren and poor Nigerians could not afford to send their chidren to school that’s why there is armruber every where,if you fail to do sometin about it one this chidren will come home and the poor Nigerian will stope and kill them.

  3. what do u xpect in a govt dat does not know d difference b/w corrupt leaders nd corruption,.a govt dat commisioned bore hole dat is below 200k and approve 15million 4 reading glass allowance, buko haram shud start doin d right tin by attacking those corrupt leaders.

  4. Nigeria has reach the stage of splitting to pieces, why should FG of Nigeria pay school fees of Some top officials of government children when ASUU was on strike close to 3 months.
    For goodness sake Mr Goodluck Jonathan, during your campaign you mentioned to Nigerians how you had no shoe, no biro, notebooks, uniform nad also that you walk long distance to your school. Does this huge amount of money been pay to top officials of Government depicts your situation of your childhood? If the answer is no then wake up Mr president Nigeria is not for sale, and if it is, it should not be sold in your time. Do the right thing at the right time. There were confessions indicting some top northern personalities how they sponsor the deadly Boko Haram sect all the places, Government top men are busy sharing Nigerai money to train their children abroad and return back to Nigerai to become terrorist as we have seen from the confession made sect ex.member.

  5. To the president n judiciaries. What a disciplinary action is taken over stupid, corrupt n unreasonable minister? Even though that’s how u r all, including d president n his cabinets, senate n reps, judiciaries and any other political n office holders. May God punish u destroy what u accumulate.

  6. i think i ve’ an idea,let start a revolution 2 stop this blonder,are the diplomatz not erning salariez,why should the government take up their parental obligationz,thatz bulshit,an senior civil servant above 4oyrs old should be killed by march this year,if we are 2 clean this mess people!

  7. Oo My God! NIGERIANS where a’r we haeding to? With stupid rubbish leading by our leaders… Definantly if this nonsense ruling did’t quite in this country what’s happened in libya is a small tins… Wht wll be happen here hmm na anly Allah know it… Den all of our stupid leaders right from Presdent to councilor they wll soom remorse in their life here or here after… @ojo u’r very stupid for insulting northernar pool…. Both northerna and southernas ther’s good people and bad people…do u want to tell abduct that southernas youth take it as a buseness is good.control your mounth pls jst for peace…

  8. hmmm i cnt bliv dis! N4.8billion spnt on sch fees of d so-calld ambasadors whle nigrian univsts went on stryk 4 60days. Allah ya isa and God is watchn each nd evry1 of u d bad leaders. And God wil surely punish u 4 ur all ur bad deed. Allah ka saka mana!

  9. of all d comments have bn reading only dat of nasabuwa has great sence..who are those govt officials ? nigerians of course.what you sow is what you rip!!!!! bfore removal of fuel subsidy,nigerians trippled their transport fair but after reversal,up till prices have not gone down,not even fuel prices @ the filling stations…we must change first!!!!!!!!!!

  10. See wat dis country just they turn to 4.8b to sponsor people who’re already financialy capable of sponsorin themselves, while some stil just they struggle 4 jamb money..oh no. Stil just they complian about d recent boko not mindful of the kind haram that may arise 2morrow..hmmmm

  11. God must punish all dis leaders that are involve in embezzling nigeria’s money on their children and their families.may thunder strike them all and their children, they will never prosper. they will never eat from the fruit of their labour. in jesus name, in allah name and in ifa’s name amen in satans name.

  12. wat a useless nd corrupt leaders we have. Culd u imagine dis huge amount of monmoney spendind on children of whose parents hv d capacity nd ability of payingd sch fees of dia chldren. Hm
    mm, im even speechless. Is dis justice? Y cnt d govt renovate d sch of d chldren of d masses, our univsties are lackng alot of equipment bt govt didnt bother rather dey prefer 2 support those dat hav d meanrof supportng dia chldren. Ya Allah, U r d only one we have and U r Best judge Ya Allah help nd guide ur servant. Amin Ya Allah