Guys And Their Possessions

A guy is much into what he has- his car, his house, his gadgets, his wardrobe, even ‘his woman.’ It brings a sense of pride, ownership and possession. When kids, little boys come around to play together you notice they do more show offs with what mummy bought them than taking out time to enjoy company.


Guys in many ways are possession-conscious and get thrilled when others admire what they have. No wonder every guy desires a lady who would turn heads and cause admiration amongst friends, and when he finally gets her, he esteems her rightly so. A guy is happy when others ‘check out’ his girlfriend and give him compliments.


Ladies, you may say “guys are material conscious” call it what you want. “Are we pieces of material to possess?” you ask, and I say that’s a good question. So ask your man, he’d have the answers for you.


Jewelry and fashion hype ladies, but guys get their ticks from their possessions, and as long as he has them, let him sweat it and show pride in it.


Folu Popoola

Twitter: @lifekulture