Intense Interrogation: Arrested Boko Haram Spokesman, Abul Qaqa, gives in.

More information has emerged in respect to the arrested spokesman for Boko Haram, Abul Qaqa, after his arrest at about 4:00am on Wednesday.

The arrested spokesman is said to be providing ‘very useful and verifiable information’ to the men of the State Security Services, SSS.

Sources party to the on- going interrogation of Abdul Qaqa, suggests that the terror suspect has admitted to being the one with the name ‘Abul Qaq.

“He owned up yesterday afternoon,

“It should be said that he buckled under intense interrogation.” A security source was quoted.

Reports say that the arrest was carried out in Kaduna and not Maiduguri as was widely thought.

According to a source, the arrest of Abul Qaqa was the culmination of months of strenuous efforts by men of the SSS and that security operatives had been on his trail for some months.

A source also said that the military was called in for back up to avert another ‘Kabir Sokoto-style’ mess of last month.

The confusion over Qaqa’s arrest arose from the decision of the SSS top ranks to be careful and be sure of his identity before announcing his arrest to avoid a situation where the man in custody could turn out to be someone else other than the spokesman.


  1. My kindid advice to all our security operatives is to talk less. No need to tell the world your procedures. The criminals will also tighten up their loose ends and make situations for future arests difficult. Arest whoever you suspect, hide them away, finish all your invetigations finally before letting the cat out of the bag. Anyone who thinks he has lost a member should cry out, not we making it known to them.

  2. To fight the Terrorists to a standstill in Nigeria should be EASY!. Ask/follow the Israeli/American/Russian/Chinese/Netherlands intelligence method – Have a Database of all citizens and residents in Nigeria/States/LGAs/Wards including – biometrics-blood group/genotype/phenotype/age/height/date of birth/education level/income level/asset level/sex/marital status/religion/language spoken/ethnic group/etc. To obtain your Human Right you must also give your Human Responsibility. If you want to use your freedom to move about you must also register yourself as a human law abiding citizen/resident. You can not claim the right to drive a vehicle without fulfilling the obligation to register the vehicle and have a current/valid driving license.

  3. @freemind. I agree with ur opinion but that isn’t achievable in d short while. If the FG has the will to reg every citizen residing in Nig, it can. If gsm can only function to users upon SIM registration, then the fed govt can similarly reg all nig resident within a time frame, with mandatory reg of new life birth and also dead certificate shd be issued to the Dead. But as i said this isn’t sth that be handle with levity. Right now, the fed gov shd use available information in gsm database to track criminals. My belief is that every BH member is an adult who uses gsm, therefore dangerous information can be traced to who passes or receives such info. The database of gsm operators shd be programmed to record every call sent out or received, such info shd be analysed by ICT experts whereby the law enforcement agencies could be alerted to avert any crime. If we can’t make use of gsm to monitor n avert crimes, then we are not rightly using the resources. In developed countries, how do the get info on crime act if not by eavedroping conversation on phones. Additionally, govt shd deploy cctv in all the major towns n cities in nig n even in rural areas. By doing this, criminals will be tracked less convieniently.

  4. Bravo τ̅☺ the SSS ãήϑ the Military. I do not believe in the argument that the security agencies should talk less. I believe these huligans α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ ₪☺ match with our strong Miltary men if only the Nigeria army want τ̅☺ dig them out. Go on with ur jobs ãήϑ track the BH down in their numbers ãήϑ make reliable announcements, send threatening messages τ̅☺ the rest of others hiding in various states. By ‎​S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ doing, BH will know that there is ₪☺ hiding place for them.

  5. so it’s true that those that kill fellow human are the most fearful ones, afraid of death. When he see confirm torture, he con dey vomit information. I thought they said they were not afraid to die. One by one, they will all be caught. GOD help Nigeria.