Lagos State Government shuts down Lord’s Chosen church over ‘Noise Pollution’

Pastor Lazarus Mouka. GO of the lord's chosen

Officials of the Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency, LASEPA at the weekend stormed a branch of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Ministry located at 25 Omobola Street, Lawanson, Surulere area and shut it down over noise pollution.

Six other churches were also shut down for the same reason, they are;

Bible Church, FESTAC; The Chapter of Christ Church, Oregun, Ikeja, Assemblies of God Church, Ikeja, The Golden Gate Church, Ifako-Ijaiye and Seek and Save Ministry, Abule Egba.

The state government had earlier issued pre-sanction notices to the affected churches to reduce the noise pollution coming from their buildings.

When contacted, the General Manager of LASEPA, Engr. Rasheed Shabi stated that the closure of the churches became necessary after several abatement notices issued to them were ignored.

Engr. Rasheed added that some of the churches even snubbed meetings called by the agency on how to resolve the noise pollution issue.

“The agency’s stance is clear on issue of noise pollution level permitted. This has been communicated to all worship centres in the state.

“The level of noise pollution allowed in the state is between 55 decibel during the day and 42 to 45 decibel at night.” Engr. Rasheed said.

The LASEPA boss also said the Lagos state government was determined to reduce noise pollution in the state because of the abnormality and diseases related to it.

He ordered the various worship centres in the Lagos state to comply with the state’s standard on noise suggesting that churches could use sound proof equipment to reduce noise levels during their worship services.


  • Why should he be disturbing churches,wats his business.They are helping spread d Gospel and he is calling it ”pollution”.I think he might be a Pegan or Cultist for doin so,jst let him leave churche,it’s not his businees.

  • mosques of ajegunle are under arrest for this very cause. they disturb u by 5am, alms begging by 6 to 8am, 2pm, 4pm, 7 pm and 8pm prayers all ‘transmitted’ with a high-sounding speakers! concerned churches n prayer groups should lessen their noise too

  • Den wat d hell hapens 2 d mosque dat has made noise their hobby.closing down of dose churches was a very stupid action by d lasepa chaiman.i dont think he knows wat he is doing o .

  • Once upon a time, there was a good dancer. He danced uniquely for several hours and people praised and regarded him as the best professional dancer of his time. He was further promised Golden Medal and advised to rest and wait for his award. But he refused to stop dancing until he did some acrobatics and became crippled and unable to claim for his award !
    Following religious and political trouble in the country, I don’t think it is safe for the Fashola Government to regard praises to God as a noise or pollution. The statë is comparatively secure not because of the security apparatus that has been put in place. Lagos is the hand of God. It is even shocking if those political deceitful and noisy promises that characterised the polls could not be regarded as causing pollution of some sort. Don’t let ‘s breed confusion and misunderstanding capable of disrupting the peace in Lagos. Fashola has helped those are now praising him. Hence, he should continue with his good work without despising God .

  • Firstly, I’ll like ro admonish us never to react to matters like these with any religious bias. What is wrong is wrong, even if it is done in the name of God. No one should see this as an attack against christianity. If we are serious about our quest for a better society, we must be unanimous in our call for decency. In worshipping God, we don’t have to disturb others. No excessive noise and road blocks. The God that we serve is orderly. Let’s take a cue please.

  • Our major bane in Nigeria is hypocrisy. It stands out in our beliefs and utterances. We should use language appropriately and politely. Whether noise pollution in Lagos has just been noticed isn’t my argument. Let us learn how to use language to make and sustain peace, most especially as the country is battling with serious security challenges. Eko o nibaje o, lasiko temi, lasiko tire, lasiko Governor Raji Fashola.

  • If we are going to enforce law, let do it with the fear of God, the automobile which make a hell of noice all over lagos is not pulluting the city but those who are callin their GOD in the midst of selfish & harship ruler of ours. Anyway, all this wil soon be over.

  • Yes i really like what d LASPEA did i wish they will do d same here in Anambra state cos d noise is geting out of hand,However there is many ways to workshipe God without makeing noise. thanks joor

  • I think anyone in power should have d fear of almighty.wat wrong has d churches done in resulting to d their closure.the state should concentrate more on security and flood around d state rather shifting their grieviances on the churches

  • God is not man! If you think that services to God is noise making, then we are yet to experience the worst of time. LASAPA what ever your motive is should be very careful, else they are plotting their exit in this world. If the voices of the children of God is annoying then the state is in doom.

  • Nobody can fight God, the church is not owned by any man, so a man closing God’s house is in 4 doom. Mosques make noise has he closed down any yet. My piece of advice is he shuld read his bible, when pharoah refused the children of God from going to worship him, I think he can borrow a page not a leaf from there.

  • Hear all the blind minds. I dont blame you all since you have never left your surroundings in body and in mind. Noise levels are regulated in many countries otherwise you will find our Nigerian musicians going abroad and having a concert on a street disturbing people’s peace. For you bigots complaining about mosques, how many mosques have percussion instruments? Do mosques beat jazz and drums? The official said they issued notices to ALL RELIGIOUS CENTRES if any mosque breaks the rules they get closed too. In Tunisia and some other Muslim countries they have same rules so get out of your SMALL BOX and know whats happening, throw away your religious-ethnic coloured glasses. Adeoluwa Solesi, I commend your view.

  • I don’t believe God is deaf, he knows our intentions and most pressing needs even before we ask. Besides devil is immortal, no amount of shouting can kill him instead you drive him away by keeping God’s word and being faithful to God

  • Bible said we shud mak a joyful noise n u guz turn t2polutn…God’il4giv u pple oh.wht if God closes ur ear nt2hear d noise again? GOD is nt a man oh,u guz shud respct hm n alw pple2rejoice n mak a joyful noise2hm…

  • What about those who pray and blocked major roads,use loud speakers in d mosque in lagos state?Let us learn to use our offices wisely without sentiments

  • Christains shud learn nt 2 luk 4 trouble in d name of worshiping God, our God is orderly, jst tk d Catholic Church 4 example, d worship God without generating noise. So pray n worship God quitely rather u advertise 4 member by making noise n u call dat praising God. Jesus never did dat.

  • High level of illiteracy in nig.go nd ask a doctor wat noise does to d human body sytem,wer in d bible did jesus pray by shoutn,he goes to a quit place to pray,learn frm hm,wat d lagos state govt.did is best tin to be done afta isueing dem(churches)notices bt dey ignored it wit God deaf dat u wl shout it hm or is he sleepn?just imagine dis busines pastors,u said u want development nw it has cm to ur door step first,u ar reject it,charity begins at home,churches shuld start by first discipling der self,GOD dos nt suport bad tin,d affectd churches shuld write an apology letter wit fines to govt promisn to reduce noise nd to abide by d rules nd regulatns of d state.tnx to al wu undastnds.GOD BLESS U ALL

  • To go as far as closing a church 4 wateve reason is very bad.check dats their oga name,he is a muslim..can a christian shut down musque 4 noise polutn durin their early mornin prayer cry?GOD PUNISH THE DEVIL!

  • You pple should not take ur own self interest to disturb the public, are you telling me dat God will not answer your prayer when you pray without noise? Let us be faithful to God.

  • i think is a good decision by lagos state govt, i’m also a xtian nd i’v travl round, you can worship witout noise pollution, you can never see church in euro polluting d environmnt, even in there market no noise or music sound, everythin is in order…….don’t let us make religion to something else, May God be with us.

  • janatan yes i wil agree 2 part of what u have said,but 4 oscar michael,no. Is it not also jesus dat said go ye into all d worlds and sprayed the d gosphel? So y don’t or y stop churchs 4rm srayeding d word since this is one of d fastest ways? Its not dat i am trying 2 i am trying 2 compare but this is d fact:mosques 2 makes a hell of a noise and stil yet noting has being done.let it b clear 2 u cristains dat support this dat u ar ashame of our God and our God also wil b ashame of u 2 on d last day. And 4 dose dat ar in govm,take hide dat the almight God wil fight against dose dat fight against us his children and bware dat d lord is up against u and yr supporters.

  • Guys yes i’m a Muslim. but i want you to understand me like your fellow Nigerian compatriot. in the environmental order: any act inconveniencing the public, a pollution of any kind is subjected to a quit. now i regard to religious places like churches and masjeeds or shrines of any kind involving in this act are all subjected to a quit and ignoring this the offender faces the consequences of it according to the Law. so no one is left out. there are many masjeeds like that, many i know have also faced the same charges. there fellow Nigerians we don’t have to be biased what is wrong is wrong, what is right is right. lets come together and fight corruption. ………………………………………………….yours in love for the nation.

  • Kudos to Governor Fashola for taking a bold step by closing down the churches that do not understand that a community needs to live in peace and noise could be a great disturbance and even cause health problems.To say the truth,upon all churches and mosques in this country can someone tell me what effect they have on us other than deceiving us into giving them our hard earn money and the gift of noise.Religion constituted to a great portion of Nigerian problem but many of us can not see that anyway even though the pastors are getting fat,enjoying fleet of expensive cars and buy jets, acquiring lands and property and taking over all aspects of our live yet we can no see that most of the churches are just business centres making free money free money out of people in the name of God.God will Judge them soon.As for Lagos government,I support the closure of any church that does not abide by the environmental rules and regulation to keep our society healthy but I implore them not make this about churches only but also to mosques that wakes people up in wee hours from the sleep.Our God is not deaf and I don’t think we need heavy gadgets to make him hear our voice so let them accept that they are using the noise call attention and to advertise at the expense of other people’s comfort.God Bless us all

  • Firstly, I will say a Big thanks to God Almighty for His Love Upon us and secondly for the so called (lasepa) that shut down the churches of God Their Maker and the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth.
    Or are they telling us they don’t see the so called mosque to shut down or the; boutique,barbing salons and all the factories making noise and polluting the air. For Heaven’s sakes why shutting down a House Of God………..may God Forgive you all

  • dis is quite an evil act dat wil bring judgement nd wrath upon d so kald lasepa chairman. he shld b very kiaful coz he cnt fight god nd go free mre especialy d god of d chosen..

  • What his that man problem am sure he must be a member of boko haram,his dere no mosques he can close up,one at my street shehu mosque,how can praising god be a polltion,any body dat is against the children of god and u dnt repent u just hav only few mins 2 change b4 u wil see the action part of wil be very bad if u c our god in action

  • Caleb,u are very correct,,no body has d ryt watsoever to shut dwn the house of God,,talkin abt intruements,the lords chosen doesnt use any instruements,,i guess dis an act of jealousy,,but God is watching………and for those of u who are in support of dis violence against God,,,,,God will forgv u all….

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