Lead Me On… Not!

When I hear ‘don’t lead a lady on,’ ‘don’t waste her time’ I wonder. When a mother gives a child food she says “be sure not to waste it.” Because she’s the one offering food to begin with, that’s why she ensures the child appreciates what he is given and doesn’t waste it.


For there to be waste there must be excess, which reverts back to what a lady is offering. Ladies give the time (solicited or otherwise) and ask guys not to waste it. It is one thing to patronize it’s another being patronized.


But still guys, the law of Karma says what goes around comes around. If you know a girl’s heart and intention, don’t act ignorant and take it for granted. To play with an emotion is to make mockery of the God who created that heart. Guys be careful! State your mission, and voice the ideas in your mind.


Every guy has a plan for a lady and if you are part of that plan, you will know. If he is serious about you, he’ll let you know, and stop giving solicited privileges or otherwise to anyone. They’d take it and move on to who they really want.


Guys know what they want, it’d only be unfair to already know, not find it in her yet hang around, play with emotions and waste time. So I say ‘lead me on not.’


Folu Popoola

Twitter: @lifekulture



  1. I have met guys whose ideology is “tell a lady what she wants to hear,cos if you dont she wont part with sex”.. I on the other hand believe that it is bette to tell a girl the truth and let her decide what she wants or doesnt want. Its better thay way and the girl would not eventually feel cheated.