Lose-Lose Situation

Never tell a guy “take it or leave it,” “my way or the highway” in all fairness he might chose to leave it and take the highway even though he knows a part of him will go. You’re putting “you and his ego” on the line. Guys have over-rated egos and when you try to deflate it they resist.


When relationships break up, it takes more time for a lady to heal than a guy, (well most cases) because to begin with a guy is in-between. When he asks a lady out, if she says ‘yes,’ it’s all good, if she says ‘no’ it’s all good, he picks himself up and moves on to the next lady. Guys know it can go either way.


Ladies tend to be extremes of either case; they either like a guy to pieces or don’t give a hoot about him. That’s why once she commits, she’s wholly into it, and break ups are more painful because she’s given it her all. It’s worse when sex is involved, why? Her sense of ownership is lost. The emotional ties are broken and she is heartbroken,


So what do we learn? That they are truly egocentric, probable anticipation for guys rarely causes them disappointments, and it’s just their nature! Ladies don’t bluff all the time. If you don’t mean it, probably don’t say it, or you might get hurt.


Folu Popoola

Twitter: @lifekulture