Militants kill three naval officers in Akwa Ibom

A gang of militants yesterday ambushed a naval patrol team in Mbo Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, killing three naval officers in the process and leaving two others critically injured.

Reports have it that the unfortunate incident happened on Saturday morning , a few minutes after the naval patrol team left Ibaka in Mbo Local Government Area to patrol the waterways.

A boat operator was quoted saying that the naval patrol boat had not gone far on the water when residents, fishermen and boat operators in the area heard sporadic gun shots.

“The boat driver and one of the officers are in a critical condition. The militants shot and destroyed the naval boat. Two surviving officers jumped into the sea and were later rescued by fishermen. We saw naval personnel carrying one of the dead officers. The corpses of the other two are yet to be found.” The boat operator said.

Another souce was quoted saying that the militants killed the officers and carted away their weapons.

The Naval Public Relations Officer (PRO) for Calabar, Lt. Cmdr. Way Olabisi, told reporters that he was not aware of what happened.

The Director of Naval Information, Cmdr. Kabir Aliyu, said he was trying to reach the Nigerian Naval Base, Ikot Abasi, for more information without success.


  • Militant waitin this innocent officers do una, na dem be federal govt? Abi dem be shell company? The blood of dos una kill go hang for una neck, there spirit will disturb una until una too go die, as una kill dem and live there family to suffer pains so shall it be unto u guys too. God dey see waitin dey happen ooo people dey kill there fellow human being all in the name of money. We meet this money and we shall live the money and die, then why killing? I live the question for the killers millitant to answer

  • Inspite of these gruesome murder we see every day, these faceless beings cannot stop God from making Nigeria what she wants to be. I commiserate with the families of those fallen heroes, and also the Nigerian Navy. God bless Nigeria.

  • Militants pls d kiln of security personnels,bt i urge to kil any govt officials both,presidnt,governors,ministers,commisioners,hon.members etc bcos they ar al thieves like u pple,so kil dem nd colect der moni,stp deceivn urselves dat u ar fighting 4 freedom by kiln security men.featuring BOKO HARAM vs MILITANTS!!!!!! Watch out 4 part 2

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