Princesses Desire Attention

Every lady wants to be treated like a princess, to be waited upon and dotted after. Though she knows the real world has no princes in shining armor and the days frogs turned to princes were just fairy tales, still, she wills to be a princess, so give it to her, after all she’s your princess.


Fantasies are real even if they only exist in your make-believe world. Pay attention to what she wants, give her what she likes, spoil her every now and then, give reassurances and support. Often times she’s not after the ‘get out of jail’ solutions, just a listening ear may be all. Take note, she may not always want a problem solver but an exhaust pipe.


When she says ‘it’s ok’ it’s never ok. When she says ‘well never mind’ you need to worry big time. When she says ‘forget it’ that’s not the case. ‘I’m fine’ after an argument should get you begging. She need not voice everything with words, read her emotions, they talk without words.


Remember though to be moderate, even though a lady wants to be allowed to have her way, she still wants a man to take charge. Do accommodate her, but put your feet down when you need to, by taking charge, you give her security and you let her know you can protect her.

Folu Popoola

Twitter: @lifekulture