Re-arrested Boko haram Kingpin: Investigators want Sokoto to confront Biu


sokoto(left) and zakari biu

In order to determine if Commissioner of Police Zakari Biu’s testimony on how Sokoto escaped was true or not, Investigators have concluded plans to bring the re-arrested Boko Haram kingpin, Kabir Sokoto before Zakari Biu.

Zakari Biu was the officer in charge of the investigations launched by the police after Sokoto was first arrested.

Kabir Sokoto is the alleged mastermind of the Christmas day bombing of a church in Madalla, Niger State that claimed many lives.

The plan to bring the two together is causing fear among officers and the rank and file in the police headquarters in Abuja as many have realized that revelations from the encounter between Biu and Sokoto may implicate some police officers.

“Since Friday, there has been this concern here that the suspect may open a can of worms and Boko Haram sympathizers in the security circles may be named. This is why we have beefed up security round the suspect,” a source was quoted.

“We will bring Sokoto before Biu to either deny or corroborate what the police officer said. We are happy that he was re-arrested before the conclusion of Biu’s interrogation; though he (Biu) had written some statements on the circumstances that surrounded Sokoto’s escape. It is good that we have the man himself (Sokoto) around now to either disagree or agree with Biu before the conclusion of his case.

“Also, he would tell us if he had any link with the former Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Hafiz Ringim, as well.  We expect him to cooperate with security agents.”  A source said.

An officer was quoted saying; “Many police officers are afraid that Sokoto who is under serious interrogation by the State Security Service may open a can of worms that could jeopardise the career and future of many security officers.

“Sokoto may expose their connivance with the sect. We all know that there is no way he could have escaped in handcuffs from five armed policemen without collusion in high places.”

Some news reports indicate that Sokoto’s phone showed that he had links with top politicians and prominent individuals in the country.


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