Tension over plans to create a ‘new NFA’

Due to the court judgment a forthnight ago that declared the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) and the Nigeria Premier League (NPL) ‘unknown to the Nigerian laws’, indications have emerged that the Nigerian sports authorities may have perfected plans to set up a new Nigeria Football Association.

The sports Minister, Bolaji Abdulahi, last week called a stakeholders meeting to find a way forward to the legal tussle in Nigerian football.

It was gathered that the new NFA will be inaugurated by the National Sports Commission (NSC), thereafter a visit to FIFA to seek the understanding of the world body and possibly set up a normalization committee.

Some of Nigeria’s football managers are warning against such a move, fearing that the plan to form a new NFA at this time may lead to a ‘FIFA hammer’.

Nigeria plays Kenya in an U-17 World Cup qualifier for women in Abeokuta, this weekend, then face an U-20 Women qualifier and the all-important Nations Cup qualifier against Rwanda in Kigali by February 29.

A FIFA hammer could put these fixtures at risk.

The Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) says they are aware of the development and will make legal moves to vacate the court order on it.

“We hope such a move is not initiated because we have been distracted enough and Nigerians should know where to finger- point if anything happens to our qualifiers”, an NFF board member was quoted.



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