The Doctrine of throwing Stones

“You must work hard to ensure that they don’t stone you because if you do not work hard & they stone you, I will join them to stone you” GEJ

Recently a past head of state, Ibrahim Babangida,coined the phrase “doctrine of nigeria’s settled issues”. I have also coined my own doctrine and named it the “doctrine of throwing stones” which was inspired by President Goodluck Jonathan.

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in his bid to sensitize our leaders and government appointees by calling on them to deliver on dividends of democracy and to foster the drive of political, economic and social excellence has suggested that we could throw stones at erring leaders and political office holders, so I say let us begin throwing stones at all political office holders who do not deliver dividends of democracy to us. From the local government chairman to the state governor and everyone in between all the way to the presidency and senate.

Most of these leaders do not understand the degree of rot in the system because when they come around us in the grass roots,we pretend to love them just because of the little things we want to get from them. Maybe if we had been throwing stones in the past, all the mediocre leaders/appointees and opportunists would have buckled their belts.

Therefore,like the biblical David,let us begin to gather stones,take aim and await the Goliath in our polity who has taken advantage of our meek attitudes. Therefore,let us stop the tradition of seeking gratification from this leaders who do not have our interests at heart, truthfully, the leader/appointee who has failed to deliver would rather bribe his way than to actually do some work.

Since they have no conscience we could appeal to,we may however appeal to their sense of safety,when a leaders knows that he is liable to be stoned by everyone on the street, then he would sit up, when his wife,children and servants keep coming home with broken heads and bandaged foreheads, maybe then he would fear for his safety and get the work done.

Also let us test the FOI bill, as a citizen it is your right to be informed on government policies and actions from any government parastatal. Only through such investigations would we discover the truth and only that truth can set us free. Therefore,write to your local government chairman asking how he spent his budget, or to government parastatals asking what they have been doing with tax payers money that has been allocated to them,maybe if we had done this earlier,we would have prevented the rot in Pencom now where its leaders/apppointess have been milking from the government of Nigeria the sum of  3.3 billion naira MONTHLY.



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