The EFCC Scapegoat

“Baba how will I get these charges off me?”

‘Don’t bother yourself jare, let small wind blow and then we’d take it from there’

“But what happens afterwards? I don’t want to be like Uncle Bode”


‘Isn’t this Nigeria? Isn’t these the same people I have governed all these years?’

‘You are acting like a small boy after all the time you’ve spent in power.’

‘Abi, didn’t you share the money with everyone?’

“Yes baba”


‘Enh then don’t worry’

‘You know many people will go down over this?’

‘Abi is Senate and House not the same set of people in government?’

‘Relax jare. Too many casualties for truth to come out.’


“Baba, you are the father of the Yoruba race, you are the best.’

‘Don’t worry jare, anyway saying so doesn’t change the fact of what is true’

‘Let EFCC do, let NTA report, go to court, go anywhere, but know that I am for you’



Like play like play, Bankole is innocent o. Today, EFCC is made a toothless dog, a sham of individuals who use public funds to raise dust. I rephrase, EFCC is a boneless gorilla. A mockery of itself, even a toothless dog is proud it can bite, the gorilla can’t stand up.


What do we say, the judiciary system is at best incorruptible? Where one individual steals a radio and is sentenced to prison yet another embezzles public funds and is slapped on the wrist. Who are our courts protecting, why are they levying hard sentences for punitive cases and light sentences on serious crimes of corruption?


I won’t mind attending Bankole’s celebration party if there’s ever one. After all, what difference is there in the system we rely upon and the same system who laughs over the stupidity of the public that put trust in it. Bankole! It is your time jare, go and sin no more.

By Folu Popoola


  1. Oga dis is 9ja…it’s a ” chop I chop government….the most connected survives…
    When in office, you ‘ take’ as much money as you can and when you’re out of office, you go to court and give some part of what you took as bail’!!

  2. hmmmmm…. Have u all just forgeting, that this is the same EFFC that sack FARIDAT WAZIRI the former EFFC Chairman for no reason, they don know say she go expose there secrete, that is why they impose IBRAHEEM, Abi weting they they call am… Only God can save us 4rm the government of Papa decieve pekin….. Lets pray to almight God for freedom…

  3. The law is made by the superior in nigeria 4 d inferior 2 obey. Bankole and other tifs n dis country wil neva escape God judgement. My brother Keyamo dnt b discouraged, GOD wil gv u more wisdom 2 keep trying, one day u wil succeed.