The Role of Music in Business

The ambiance was pumped up with Brenda Fassi’s voice rushing out of the speakers. I could see almost everyone reacting with a rhythmic nod or just a smile. The service providers almost began dancing to the song, and being a lover of music myself, I started singing along and dancing behind the steering wheel.

This was not another gas station, as traditionally, I was to drive in and get fuel without delay if lucky or wait 2 – 5 cars, only to meet a grumpy sales officer. Get my usual N500 – N2000 fuel, collect my change and then zoom off calculating when next I’d need to have the same experience (praying not too soon).

It was different this time around. I did not want to leave the gas station. I wouldn’t have bothered if there were 10 cars ahead of me (there was only 1). I came to see another side of sales officers – a happy one, and I looked forward to coming back to that same filling station. Why? Music!

Unfortunately, not many businesses (especially in Nigeria) have gotten a good grasp of the role of music in business. Music is powerful in a number of businesses – especially those that consume the time of customers, e.g. shopping, eatery & restaurant, transport, recreation, etc. Take it to the bank: “Good music allows the customer spend more time and in turn more money”

After all – Time is Money!

As in seen on Nuubee’s Place