Why ASUU Called Off Strike!

ASUU has called off its 58 day strike and instructed all lecturers to resume work tomorrow, Thursday February 2, 2012.
It would be recalled that the Federal Government had met with ASUU executives and gave them some offers, these offers where discussed at the ASUU NEC meeting and the council voted to call off the strike.
After the meeting, the ASUU president, Comrade Ukachukwu Awuzie, briefed journalists on the outcome and said that the decision to call off the ASUU Strike was taken “in the interest of revitalisation of Nigerian Universities.”
He also spoke about the renogotiation of its agreement with the Federal Government which will be due for review in June 2012.
More details soon!


  1. Asuu presido i dey hail u,infact u ar a man wit principle,baba God tnk u 4 today im so hapi,all d students were dey Esut plz come over to my houz,i dey do party dis it gonna be hot wit hot babes&hot guys.intersted person go plz call dis nos 08068944077:i dey jolly 4 my houz at nnewi.

  2. I didn’t get any reason why they called it off from this write. Personally, I feel some people have been paid in the ASUU quarters and the problem will still resurface again. They should solve the problem once and for all rather than continue to deceive the common man. I was a victim of the 44 lecturers strike of 2000/2001 and that cost me spending 7 years in a 5 year engineering course. ASUU, face fact and solve this lingering problem once and for all, for good.

  3. atlast d arrived at a common ground wif their warring policy implementers after weeks of trade-disputes.we pray dat dis time around,it would not be a carrot and stick politics as usual.federal government should muster courage to live up to their promises rather than orchestrating the implementation process in mirage.i commend the effort of the secretary to the government of the federal as wel as the chairmen house commitee on education of both d upper and lower legislature,and indeed,the minister of education for their timely intervention in resolving lingering impasse.

  4. I just hope wat Assu and federal government had is a good compromise for the interest of Nigeria students and our universities, because it will be a shameful thing to hear that this same strike saga b/w Assu and federal government resurface again due to non conformance…May God help us all..

  5. ASUU has finally suspended its 2 month old strike without having at least 20% of its demands met. There’s something fishy in the manner this strike was ended. I urge EFCC to investigate the bank accounts of the ASUU NEC members. Well, Boko Haram would no longer be able to avail itself the opportunity of having more recruits from the student populace. Glad we are returning to school.

  6. I know the reasons why ASUU called off the strike – after 8wks without achieving anything new. Prof – 69yrs old ASUU Presido comrade Awuzie got an FG promise to retire at 70yrs and a 3mths paid holidays in Jamaica or Tripoli/Havana Cuba ! Let FG/Presido GEJ get all these Academic people busy planting 5million economic/food trees + 100 fish ponds + 10 farm settlements per univ + contract them to Register all Residents in the 774 LGAs in Nigeria every December/January and there will no longer be ASUU strikes.They are just not busy enough in their IVORY TOWER. They should also be given the contract to research on how to handle violent BOKOM HARAM,noisy PENTOCOSTAL CHURCHES , downsize Nigeria police, NNPC, CBN,NPA, NATIONAL/STATE ASSEMBLIES, decongest Lagos, Port Harcourt, Onitsha, Kano, Aba, Warri, Abuja etc and carry out studies to increase Nigerian Prison Bed spaces to 2-5million i e 1-5% of Nigerian population of 170million for which 1% are greedy, violent, chronic incorregible criminals/politicians

  7. students may be happy cos they’re going back to school, scholars may be happy for the increment in the retirement age, but the fact remains there’s no consideration for the common Nigerian youth. how on earth do you expect a 70 yr old prof to perform well in his assignments, how do you expect the young lecturers to get up there to that great stage, how do you expect the youth to develop when nothing less than 6 weeks strike is what they now get as their sessional break desptie all these, the only opportunity the labour market is disappointment and unemployment. THEY DIDN’T EVEN CALL OFF THE STRIKE, THEY SUSPENDED IT! WHAT A SHAME ON THE FG