Worshippers killed fellow church member mistaken for Boko Haram attacker in Jos.

Military authorities and relations yesterday said that a man suspected to have been in company of the suicide car bomber who struck a church in Jos on Sunday morning was mistakenly killed by fellow church members as he was a church member himself and not an attacker.

The now deceased Mr. Adams went to the church along with his wife and two children to worship on Sunday, and he was mistaken to be together with the suicide bomber, the Special Task Force (SFT) and the deceased’s relations yesterday said.

The unfortunate man, Mr. Adams Joseph Ashaba was beaten to death as members of the church erroneously thought that he came along with the suicide bomber and attempted to escape just after the car bomb explosion at the Church of Christ in Nigeria headquarters in Jos.

Boko Haram has since claimed responsibility for the bomb attack that claimed 3 lives, injuring 38 others.

“The alleged suicide bomber killed by the angry youths at the premises of the church on 26 Feb 2012 was identified as Adams Joseph Ashaba, a member of the church and not a suicide bomber as alleged,” spokesman for STF, Cpt. Mdahelya Markus, said in a statement in Jos yesterday.

A cousin of the late Ashaba, Mr. Julius Autahaa, who spoke to newsmen on behalf of the family, confirmed that the body of the person he saw at the mortuary, brought by security agents on Sunday, was that of Ashaba.

He said Ashaba went to the church with his family and that when the blast occurred, the wife quickly took the children home and came back to look for her husband.


  1. Its Juڪτ too unGodly for the church to put laws into their hands. Why can’t the church handover the man to the police? Now they ended up killing an innocent man that came for worship.

  2. Nonsence! A Bomber was killed period.was he the only person that cam for the service.i think they delebratly kill him so that he should not revil other things. Cus acording to d gate two people were in the sucide car an he is the 1.Allah sav us

  3. i wouldnt blame d church members bcos (1).if really he was a boko haram member and was arrested.the police would have set him free instead of jailing him.bcos of the level of corruption in this country people now take laws into their hands.as for the family of the deceased am sorry for their lost.may his soul rest in perfect peace.amen

  4. From all indications now Boko haram now are not longer a muslims bt d christian, bcos they have destroyed evrwhere and they are now back to their members. This is d result of our prayers and we‘ll keep praying and surely God will continue answering or prayers. Alhadu lillah, Allah ya kara

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  6. Adams must have collaborated with the suicide car bomber probably to direct him to the Church premises otherwise, he wouldn’t have been seen sitting with him inside the car. I will recall that the car that drove into the Church premises has two occupant according to the eye witness. It was as the car hit the wall of the Church that the driver lay unconscious for a while before the bomb exploded, while before then, the second suspected person had tried to escape from the same car. So, we don’t trust anybody. It was very unfortunate.

  7. na who dey write this news letter sef?? na 12yrs old pikin abi na drop out?? giving scanty details and repeating the same story 3 times in a row. man you need to be better than this if you really wanna get views. and BTW like i said b4 ignorance is deadlier than poverty or illiteracy. you build a church for business and they turn on themselves on the sound of a false cry, business don bad for una be dat fuckin idiots!!!

  8. what is wrong with Nigerians, pls who are this boko haram’s, what do you people want since i was born i never heard anyone mentioned this name if not in this administration, could this guys be from outside nigeria, or convicted prisoners,fed- gov should look into the nigeria prison to know what is going on there…….

  9. what are we saying? The wife rushed home with the children after the blast. Where was the husband then? Cover story to tell children abi? Anybody can pretend to be worshiping in a church for while just to creat a perfect cover. As for me this story formulated so as to persuade church members whose fellow members, brothers, sisters, friends etc have been killed, to hand over caught-in-the-act boko haram members to the police, so that they will release them.

  10. Is Nigeria really an animal zoo. Preaching of churches, forgiveness, leaving vengeance to God, turning the other chick. Now linching a man. Even if he is a proved Boko Haram member, is it right for the Christians who are always preaching forgiveness to linch a man. Afriacans and Nigerians generally are hypocrites. Please let’s leave Jesus and Bible alone and fight back like humans which we all are. No one is an Angel. Pain is pain. No matter how religious you claim to be.


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