Army kills 3 Boko Haram members attempting to burn school in Maiduguri

Nigeria’s military says it foiled an arson attack on a public primary school in Maiduguri, killing three suspected members of the Boko Haram sect who were caught in the act.

Military spokesman Lt. Colonel Hassan Ifijeh Mohammed confirmed the killings on Monday, the Associated Press reports, adding that his men had killed three members of the sect as well as arresting two others who were arrested.

The failed arson attempt is the latest in a series of school burnings attributed to the Boko Haram sect.

Seven schools in the region have been set ablaze in recent weeks in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital and heartland of the sect. The attacks have often happened at night.

Gunshots were heard in the early hours of Monday morning in the city, the AP reported.

The attacks on schools by the Boko Haram, whose name in Hausa language means “Western education is prohibited, has kept many pupils out of schools in Maiduguri.

Teachers of affected schools who spoke to the press say parents are keeping their children at home and out of school.


  1. Why are the teachers complaining? Whether the students come to school or whether the Sect whip out the schools in that state, what I think they should be after is that their MONTHLY PAY PACK keep on coming! Besides, they’re the most undereducated.

  2. IBB and ATIKU each own a western/American style university based in the North. BOKO HARAM has not attacked any of the schools. That shows their connection with the sect. More over ATIKU’s University AUN based in Yola comes monthly to Port Harcourt and other southern cities, lodges in high class hotels to recruit students. He makes little/no effort to go to the capitals of the 19 northern, Lagos, Oyo,and other islamic states to get his BOKO HARAM candidates. Why. He complains he was NOT made a President by blessed OBJ but ATIKU fails to tell Nigerians what he has contributed to PDP, ADAMAWA, Northern Nigeria, and Nigeria as a whole to make them hand over their faith to him. If he wants to contest 2015 presidential election let him first tell Nigerians/the world his connection with BOKO HARAM, ,MEND,SEA PIRATES, IBORI, IBB, AMAECHI, CUSTOMS, OIL CABALS, and other criminals making NIGERIA ungovernable. If he wants to aspire to be president he must work/suffer for it.Has he ever slept in jail/jungle/creek/desert? He should apply to serve PDP/President GEJ/VP Sambo or ACN/TINUBU or CPC/BUHARI/BAKARE so that they can give him a chance come 2023- by then IBB should be too old/dead to challenge him.Otherwise he should keep his peace/business like DANJUMA and forget about Nigerian Presidency!


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