Boko Haram Bomb Factory Explodes, Killing 3 Sect Members

The Nigerian military in the Borno State capital, Maidugiri, has confirmed that 3 suspected Boko Haram members were killed when the improvised explosives they had on them exploded.

Lt. Col. Hassan Mohammed of the special military unit in Maiduguri stated that the explosion in the Kaleri suburb of Maidugiri on Friday destroyed a house and dismembered the three Islamist sect members.

“We found some assembled IEDs (improvised explosive devices) and a large amount of bomb-making components. It is certain the victims of the explosion were Boko Haram members who got killed while coupling IEDs in an accidental explosion,” Lt. Col. Mohammed said.

Residents in the area reported hearing loud explosions around 10:30am at a building close to the fence that divides University of Maiduguri and Kaleri ward.

The three suspected Boko Haram members were possibly preparing bombs for possible attacks in the Northern city of Maidugiri.

The house, which the sect members used as their bomb making factory, was completely destroyed as its roof was scattered all around the environment.

Also, the bodies of the sect members which were torn into pieces were all over the place while Improvise Explosive Devices (IEDs) which were yet to be detonated were also seen at the site of the blast.

Residents have since left the area following the explosion.

“This is what we are faced with every day in ensuring that peace returns to Borno State. But many people do not know this. Therefore,  it is your duty now to tell the whole world so that they would understand what we have to be contending with day in day out.”

“One wonders the kind of technology the sect members are using as they appeared unschooled but dangerous, making an unimaginable weapon of destruction.

“You can see how they are making the explosives and attaching a wristwatch to it as the timer. This is to show you that they have gone far in this their operations, but thank God the thing is exploding with them.” Field Operation Officer of the JTF on Operation Restore Order in Borno State, Col. Victor Ebhaleme said.


  • Let all peace loving Nigerians continue to pray & support the Government in bringing down the flag of war against the innocents.
    Prince of Peace Himself Jesus Christ shall fight the battle for us. Shalom

  • God of Adeboye has turned the tide against the sect until they ‘ll be finally destroyed and be more in Nigeria. IJN, Amen.

  • We like deceiving ourselves too much. We claim to be one Nigeria while we engage in promoting tribal and ethnic interest in all facets of our existence. Boko Haram is purely political. It will stop when a Hausa/Fulani man becomes president. And then, Niger Delta, Biafra, OPC and the rest will start their own. Only God will save us. But we must all understand that the big wigs behind these atrocities are using the masses as pawns. One day when we are pushed to the wall we will all rise and drive away the brains behind these evil. What is happening in the Arab world is not impossible in Nigeria.

  • Dat s d end of d begining.GOD IS STILL N ALWAYS GOD,HE NEVA DOSSES NOR SLEEPS.if dey wnt to repent good for dem if dey want to continue beta for dem.we r nt beggin dem to stop bcos if dey dnt stop,God ll stop dem so d choice is deirs

  • They have not seen anything, the blood of innocent people they killed will not sleep until they all perish and those people that are sponsoring them.

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