BREAKING NEWS: Massive Car Bomb attack hits Catholic Church In Jos

At least three people have been confirmed dead and many others injured on Sunday following a suicide car bomb attack at St. Finbar’s Catholic Church in Rayfield Part of Jos.

Reports have it that the explosion occurred in the middle of service at the Church.

“It was a suicide bomb. The lone suicide bomber attacked the church when the service was on.

“Many worshippers were hit and they were being feared dead.” An eyewitness said.

Emergency officials were assisting the victims at St Finbar’s church in the Rayfield area, a spokesman for the national emergencies agency said.

Three people were confirmed as dead – in addition to the bomber – and several others were in a critical condition, spokesman Yushau Shuaib said.

“The bomb exploded before he could get to the church,” Shuaib added.

The car bomb attack ignited a spontaneous riot in the Plateau, the Jos State capital.

Eye witnesses claim that the shock from the powerful blast pierced the church and brought down a section of its roof.

Although no group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, suspicion would most certainly fall on the dreaded Boko Haram sect as the sect has claimed responsibility for such attacks.

Two weeks ago, Boko Haram carried out a similar suicide car bomb attack at a church in Jos, killing three people and injured about 40.

Policemen have cordoned off the area around the church.

Rayfield is a Government Reservation Area, harbouring the state Government House and residents of  many serving and retired public officers.


  1. I wonder, is God really a wicked God? why would people kill in the name of God, who does permit us to judge. Blaspheming, blood shed, destruction the love of materialism, all in the name of God. OMG if only you’re human, i can’t imagine reaction over all this terrorism hunting us down your own children. But we entrust you with our lives, do with us what you does wish…

  2. Why the sponsor element human being so call Boko Harram attacking christian in the North, it seem that they want Nigerian to go for third CIvil War or religion War, please the State and the Federal Goverment should act immediately before things go out of hand in Nigeria. God Bless Nigeria.

  3. If I were a muslim, this issues of bombings is enough to make me change my faith. As a matter of fact, christians serve the true God and obeys His command… Unlike those who fight for their god, our God fights for us and we hold our peace. We are very proud of that!

  4. Wonder y some fools still attribute bokoharram act to islam, wen dis same beast entered mosque aand open fire at d worshipper, we all fold our
    arms and keep quiet den. If u wanna raise war its beta u raise it with d terrorist bokoharram and not against islam. Cos we muslims r nnot supportin what dey r doin as we also sufferd loss as u does.