Driver robs Senator at gunpoint

Senator Edoghie Uzamere, of the Action Congress of Nigeria representing Edo South, received more than he bargained for when his driver of seven years, robbed him at gunpoint on Friday evening.

Uzamere, who narrated his ordeal to newsmen in Abuja, on Saturday, said the incident was a traumatic experience for him and his household.

According to him, the driver, Mohammed Ibrahim, who is in his mid-thirties and a native of Niger State, put a gun to his head and dispossessed him of cash and other valuables.

He said his once trusted aide pointed the weapon at his head, dragged him out of his black Mercedes Benz S 430 and sped off with a briefcase containing an undisclosed but substantial sum of money and very important documents.

The senator, who was on his way to Benin, the Edo state capital for the convention of the Action Congress of Nigeria, said he was happy to be alive.

Uzamere said, “It was around 12pm on Friday. We were on the way to the airport when I decided to check my briefcase.

“I discovered that part of the money inside had been taken. I asked my driver how that came to be since I left him in the car earlier when I went to the Chinese Embassy.

“I felt I would need some money for the activities slated for the convention. So I said he should take me back let me find a solution to the missing money.

“But just before we reached my house, the driver suddenly parked the car, came to my side and put a pistol on my head. He dragged me out and drove off.”

It was gathered that the driver who was described as very religious had over the years wormed his way into the hearts of most of the family members.

The suspect later put a call through to a member of the Uzamere household and told them to pick the vehicle somewhere within the Life camp area in Abuja.

The matter has been reported to the Utako police station.



  • wa ooo..nobody is worthy 2b trusted in dis life even those who are close to us like flesh..we just have 2 look and watch out b4 we make any decision of accomodating people to work 4 long thing my people ***

  • Its true to watch out for whom we trust,but in this case I think I’m in support of the driver that made away with the senators money,Afterall isn’t the senator also a thief or is because there’s can’t be disclosed?it serves him right and the others will learn how 2 treat their drivers and those that work for them fine.

  • It serves Him right,this should b a lesson 2 rest,not only south_south,its applicable 2 most of political office holder even 4rm d middle belt area,they believe the ABOKIES are the most honest people in the country @ large,more are yet 2 come there ways

  • Its very unfortunate if a lawmaker‘s driver can own a gun to attack his Boss! ThankGod the Senator is alive to share it with us!
    As for u driver, though we‘ve not heard d version of ur own story.
    But if d Senator has been nice to u & u decided to pay him back with evil, u will soon meet your waterloo.

  • It unfortunate that such happened to our honourable senator.
    The mistake is equally from him no matter how trustworthy the drive may be. He ought to have gone out with his guard. What if robbers has attacked him on the way alone with the driver will he be telling nigerians that he left for such important occasion without his aid?

  • Its a pity, i believe other will learn 4rm this pathetic story to know haw to handle their workers. The most suprising thing is ” how can a lawmaker driver get the gun?. Believe that all of them(driver) have gun aswel.

  • That serves him right, pls learn how to treat pple working under u, pay dem good salaries de wont think of hurting u, it will surely continue if u pay them peanuts n they see millions pass through their eyes….

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