Husband takes wife to court for disobeying instructions

Shola Bode, 38, of Barnawa GRA, Kaduna, on Friday urged a Kaduna Upper Customary Court, to dissolve his eight-year-old marriage with his spouse, Patience.

Bode told the court that Patience had deliberately refused to “listen to him as well as work with his instructions.”

He said that they had not been living peacefully since they got married in 2004, alleging that his wife always pack out of his house on minor issues.

“She moved out on April 4, 2006, came back after two days; moved out again on Feb. 14, 2007,  and came back after 21 days and  on Sept. 13, 2009, she left  and is yet to return,’’ he said.

He said the marriage had yet to be blessed with a child.

Counsel to the complainant, Ahmad Ahmad, further told the Court that his client had made several efforts through his in-laws and church authority to settle the differences to no avail.

The Presiding Officer, Adamu Musa, after hearing from Bode, directed Patience to appear before the court on April 2.


  • but it should not be in dat form of action. i wanda if they condacted a normal xristn wedn? but they should knw dat they ar of one flesh as well. i pry for them to undastn themself not to unvail there secrt to d wold.

  • Bode dat lady doesnt deserve u. 4rm d story I beliv u r a gud, lovin n caring man, if nt so u wud’v gotten dat lady deformed bt u didnt. Kindly get urself a compactible lady afta d issue is resolved.

  • Bode, Pls let’s have the full follow up of this your case. I am following it closely. I have a third hand woman who has refused to leave my house and my life. She has been claiming I did not marry since her father passed away 1996. But I married her traditionally with her father, mother, family in attendance in 1991 before the birth of our first of 5chlds in 1992. She is 52 and I am 58yrs and life with her is like hell.

  • Bode i know ur very kind and gentle, but ur wyf seems to be having problem.It iz better 2 find anoda wyf.once bitten,twice she.jst mv on wt lyf

  • Mr Bode,u really didn’t tell us what happened or what were ur wife’s reason for leaving ur house. There must be anoda side of the story.So the full story first.What did u do that made ur wife to leave u.

  • Bode! Wht ever wil giv u peace look 4it,my proda. Y wil a woman live ur house 4 tmes. A married woman. Run if she comes back o!

  • Bode, U hav made a wise decision by taking d Case b4 d court….I knw all dis while u hav been patience wit her…Since she decide not 2 change 4 gud….Plz Get rid of her….Kudos 2 ur Action….u hav shown dat u ar a real man…

  • It seems Bode is very good at keepin records.He must av got a diary 4 proper entry of his wife’s entries and exits. A giv wife must au been an ‘abiku’who kwns hw 2 manova her ways due 2 a littl unfavourabl situation dus bcmin adicted 2 goin and comin. Well,it nt a jokin mata.MARRIAGE IS NT WEDDIN,IT CN’T B ROSY EVYTIN.IT IS A BURDEN 1 MUST LEARN 2 BEAR AND ATIMES SHEAR. U can only rush in2 it, u cn’t rush out. It is beta 2 b steady in d quest 4 u 2 b abl 2 ENJOY it bt if d case is odawise u only av 2 ENDURE it.

  • mr bode, you did the right thing by going to court. Kudos, women of that kind are suppose to be eliminated on earth. In the beginning; a woman brought sins to the world. They are devils. This days men should not rush to get married. This is because they believe in prostitution. May be she has some one there that she love now. There is something behind her leaving and coming. She never love you once.

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