Nigerian police unveils new military-style uniform

The Acting Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Mohammed Dahiru Abubakar has on Tuesday unveiled a newly approved camouflage uniform for officers of the Police Force.

President Goodluck Jonathan approved the test-run of the new camouflage which analysts are expecting will boost the image of the Force as well as discourage police officers from developing cold feet any time they came face to face with robbers.

“President Goodluck Jonathan has approved a test-run of a camouflage dress for the Nigeria Police Force as one of its operational attires.” A statement signed by the Force Public Relations Officer, Olusola Amore said.

The new uniform was publicly launched by the Acting Inspector-General of Police, wearing the military-styled attire.

“The new dress is in line with the transformation agenda of the Federal Government and the long desire of the Police management team to reform and to launder an acceptable image for the police through the turn-out of its officers and men.

“The camouflage which is an admixture of black, white and ash colours, will serve as an operational dress for the police with some inherent advantages when fully integrated and confirmed as one of the official police outfits.

“The advantages of the new police camouflage include cost effectiveness to maintain; operationally durable; highly customized with security features to forestall impersonation and environmentally friendly.” IGP Mohammed Abubakar stated.

The Police boss urged the public to come up with constructive criticisms regarding the new police camouflage, so that public opinion will be given adequate consideration.


  • good one,.i like evn the can start according some respect to the police…..i also tink the police should have special departments that works with real gadgets,.like: swat etc…i also tink it should have body gear pack spaces….like side packs etc……..

  • This is a very laudable initiative and I urge the government to support the move as it will help improve the operational and combatant capability of the Police. It will also secure respect for the force before members of the public.

  • it is a very much welcomed development, it wil boost the image of police as wel as that of the country and as wel giv service men self confidence, cos they always exibit inferiority complex by over reacting to sitiuations. And am also using this medium to thank the I. G for removing road blocks.

  • the new IG has shown that nigerian police can be reformed. He is the best IG nigerian have seen in recent time. Keep up the good work and increase surveillance.

  • changing of uniform cannot reducing anythings in the level criminality in Nigeria because, some ruber,militan, political thuge.are using the Nigeria military uniform before to scare civilians and attact them.The owner of house knows where his roof leaks.This is not a solution to our problem.

  • The IGP Sir we had dat all wat ur doing nw is a politic, is’t true or false? pls dn’t decieve nijia lyk other IG. d reform shld b emplemented. thanks

  • the outfits look ok. there’s need to advice them to have their uniform washed when dirty; that was why in the 1st place changed to black outfits.

  • A kudos to the new I.G, that is one of the transformation aganda of president Goodluck administration, thanks, you are a man of your word. But sir you declare dismantuls of road block, but some of your boys in south-east are not yet obeyed to that instruction, to mentain and protect the image of police please ‘sir’ call them to order. Thanks for your good work sir, you are on a right track.

  • I highly doubt the reforms needed in the police has anything to do with their uniform. A new uniform does not make them better equipped or more combat ready. The nation still does not have a functional emergency number, would it not be more worthwhile if the money for the uniform is channelled at getting the 199 number functional? Besides, a military styled uniform for the police only makes it look as though the nation is at constant war with itself.

  • hmm… this camouflage style may shift the focus of the police force and the military force from their original duty of ensuring law and order in the citizenry to fighting and killing and beefing themselves over this uniform. you know the soldiers practically hate anyone flying their camouflage… and they are faceoff with the police. well, let’s see how this turns out. maybe they will become friends instead. what i believe is more important is training our police with the use of machines and weaponry, and improving their skills in investigations and fighting crime, accosting robbers and robbery suspects, arresting people for overspeeding and handing them alcohol breath tests and speeding tickets … there is a lot to do mehn!

  • I for one will recommend a well geared outfit of this new uniform such as bulletproof, helmet, boots, new rifles, etc but is the nigerian police capable of delivering results? they derive pleasure in disappointing nigerians. We the so called tomoros leaders(youths)know very well the kind of police involved. But Good attempt sir.

  • It is not about change of uniform,but change of attitude.NPF must act and behave in manner that Nigerians will begin to see and trust them as theirs not as foes.

  • Give ’em CIA suits too…they will still remain the Nigerian Police Force…a camaraderie of bullies and cowards! Let’s hope this army uniform gives ’em discipline! The uniform fine shah…

  • Sir mr IGP & president frm my humbl heart d uniform is good,but pls remembr we re at risk in maiduguri servng our dear country leavng in publc compaund no barracks & gadgets,pls i beg u with d name of God put dis in consideratn so dat we can able to get barracks to move inn, may be kilng of policemen rapidly wil stop in maiduguri by d sects….

  • Well dis is not d 1st time dat dey ar unveilin a new uniform for d nigeria police force!! Only for dem to limit it to dia senior officers only. Hop dis will not be d same case.

  • I don’t think the Uniform has anything to do with the moral boost of the police. Wat should be changed are beta equipments and gadgets. That’ll help change any form of demoralization facing an average police officer, not a camouflage uniform. Camo Uniform is meant for highly rated combat zones, except u rate Nigeria one. I do not support!

  • Frankly speaking, I don’t think changing the NPF uniforms will really boost the image of the NPF in any way cos I don’t think it will stop them 4rm extorting the money they extort. All we just need is a total transformation and removal of all the “bad eggs” dat has polluted d NPF. And untill dat change is effected things will continue 2 be d way they hav always been. Peace!

  • Uniform change is good,but would that bring about the change needed in the force in terms of the religious bigotry that had infiltrated the force?,the returns rendering by officers through the ranks that had made almost every police officer corroupt?or address the issue of the Boko Haram in uniforms?
    I think the police force of today has a lot to do interms of attitudinal change in order to fight crimes in the society.Let them retrace their steps back to those good old days when police men were just and straight forwrd,could arrest even his father/mother when offence is committed and many more.
    Mr.I.G,if your conscient is clear and have not in one way or the other soil your hands in any of these things,then you have a lot to sensitise your wards of these issues.Let posterity judge us all.May God help Nigeria/Nigerians-Amen.

  • Fantastic! I hope their attitudes will change since their satanic uniform has bn changea, cos i do blv that d black uniform is 1 of those reasons that make them accept bribe,arrest innocent, & different kinds of accidental discharge.

  • This will boost the Morale of the police, and also give a good portrait. The I.G should also look into the welfare of his men , which must be given high priorities in keeping them far away from taking a bad Name.

  • the uniform is a welcome development, besides it is a tantamount to washing the outer part of the cup without much impact on the inside. I pray that they will change from the inside because i see nigerian police as devilish and wicked going by all the acts they had projected in the past .

  • Oga IGP well done. You started on a very good note and I pray that God will keep directing you till you end also on a good not. The uniform ok and I advise that it applies to the entire force, atleast, it will add some bravity in them, but also remember that uniform does not fight crime rather the police himself. Therefore, for you to achieve the aim of Nigerians, you need to provide them with better riffles, train them in the mothern way of fighting crime, also instill discipline in them and you will see yourself HOME and DRY. Otherwise, you will see your men running on this beautiful uniform for their life. Thanks and God bless you.

  • yes yes yes, finally the black old and dirty uniform has been changed, to God be all the glory cos the hand of God is now opon the police force. the things lacking on the new look is the cap style, it needs to be changed and the waste pockets gadget needs to be added like the U.S police. The I.G has done well but he needs to be more concerned abt the welfare too in-oder to stop the corruption in the force.

  • What i expect is discipling the Police men on how to avoid brivery and curruption among them which will really lift up the image of NPF, and the weapons discipline which most of them lack. If a civilian can use camourflag illegally to chaos peaple then wh says:

    Uniform men are made to work togather.

  • Their uniform is not the major thing for now, but their orientation and attitude to work……………well its a welcome development by the Asst. Inspector General………..more reforms!

  • The development is actualy vry good,bt very soon these armed robbers wil penetrate our policemen through financial means to get gather the uniforms 4 their evil acts.May God help nigeria.

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