Police Use Tree Shade as Area Office

Police officers at the recently created Area ‘M’ Police Command, Idimu, Lagos State now perform office activities under the shade of a Nim tree (popularly known as Dongonyaro) because there are no offices for them.

Some of the departments located under the tree include Juvenile, Human Rights and Anti-robbery sections as well as other administrative desks.

Each department set its tables and chairs under the tree to obtain statements from both the complainants and suspects.

It was also gathered that the police authorities and members of the Police Community Relations Committee, PCRC, committee are yet to build offices for them as promised since the command was commissioned.

Investigation by P.M.NEWS revealed that the command has about 19 departments, but many of the offices are located under the tree. And there is no cell to detain suspects.

Some residents expressed doubt about the state of the police command.

“If the authorities were not ready to make the place a command, why did they hasten to commission it?” one resident asked.

When contacted, the Lagos State Police Command Public Relations Officer, PPRO, Supol Joseph Jaiyeoba, said Area ‘M’ Police Command, Idimu, is new and as such the authorities expect the police officers in the command to be patient until offices are provided for them.

He said they cannot compare themselves with area commands that have been in existence for many years.

When asked how soon the situation will be normalised, Jaiyeoba said:

“The Lagos State government promised to build offices for all the five newly created police area commands including Area ‘M’ Police Command in Idimu. We hope this will be done very soon.”

-PM news


  1. they are full of shit they have no sense of understanding due to this virus corruption how could a country like nigeria the the rest of Africa look up to in every thing is still messing up ?


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