Policemen go berserk in Adamawa, Rivers. Shoot colleagues, kill selves.

A policeman went berserk and shot two of his colleagues before shooting himself at Lala Village of Gombi Local Government Area of Adamawa State.

In Rivers State, a police corporal shot an inspector over an undisclosed issue at Trans Amadi area of the state capital, Port Harcourt.

The Commissioner of Police in Adamawa State, Mr. Aderele Shinaba, who confirmed the incident to the News Agency of Nigeria, said the policeman identified as Cpl. Nuhu Ishaku, without any provocation, went wild.

Shinaba said he lifted his rifle and opened fire on his colleagues at the Lala Police Station, killing Inspector Benjamin Tizhe, who was the Charge Room Officer at the police station.

The CP said Ishaku also shot Cpl. Chokica Inchi, who was receiving treatment at a hospital, before shooting himself four times and later died in the hospital.

“We don’t know what really prompted him to take such an action, but since one of those shot is still alive, we hope when he recovers he will assist us in the investigation,” he said.

In Port Harcourt, the unidentified corporal shot the inspector many times in the leg before shooting himself with his AK-47 rifle.

Both policemen were attached to an oil servicing firm when the incident happened at their duty post at about 9a.m.

The spokesman for the state police command, Mr. Ben Ugwuegbulem, confirmed the incident, saying the police inspector was still alive.

He said the corporal died when he declined to be treated after both of them were rushed to hospital.



  • It is a pity that things like these, happen in the police force which ought to be protective. I am ashamed as a nigerian, that, in the nigeria of my time, policemen cannot conduct themselves in the least decent manner. The lot of them are just like that. My dear, those police guys were already high on marijuana.

  • It will not be more than money issue. Some greedy goat will love to eat all,leaving the other with nothing.we all need to learn from this.take every body along,no matter the little share we will get at the end.and the feederal government should increase the basic salaries of policemen. From my findings, 81% of police officers join the force out of lack of job and disappointment in life,so most of then don’t value their lives not to talk of protecting the life of another.

  • I can still remember the first time I was detained by the police in a police station one of the officers handling the case as early as 6:00 O’clock has gotten himself drunk with local gin (ogogoro) that when he was talking to me I almost through off. Our security agents drink and small alcohol too much and some off them are not mentally balance. Routine mental health check ups should be done on them to check their mental state.

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