Why We Suffer What We Suffer [Part 3]

By Kazeem Azeez Idowu*

Nigeria is not destined to fail as a nation and Nigerians too are not naturally sentenced to eternal life of suffering and torture. Other forms of calamity strike in some other parts of the world too. It is just that corruption is the peculiar man-made calamity consistently striking in Nigeria. This nation is not the only place where misfortune happens. The whole world itself, currently, appears murky and gloomy and a “politically conscious” person at this time ought to be sad as well. In fact, to aptly capture the situation, the ungodly expertise at guerrilla warfare of Boko Haram infidelity in Nigeria, the unhealthy strife in Syria, the excruciating hunger in Somalia, the unwholesomely woeful winter woes in Europe, the internal hitch in Egypt, the persistent political blues in the UN, the one-time uprising in Libya, the imminent clash in Iran, Israel and Palestine and a host other unrests have all served to prove to us that the world is already at the dusk as every nation is endowed with its trouble.

But enough is enough so goes the aphorism. Therefore, I say enough of all these sad stories; enough of all the lame excuses which usually accompany them; enough of all these lamentations and exclamatory remarks about how Nigerian leaders have succeeded in abusing this land, our Father Land. I personally know and I am aware, the situation annihilates hope and crushes the soul and reduces the spirit of patriotism, especially as it has caused many to become despondent and completely paralyzed. But I’m just tired, tired of living in this place of abode, tired of residing on the bad side of this world. I’m tired of writing and making appeals to the authority and the government, I am tired of making apologies for anybody and comparing one situation with another or comparing one nation with another.

In my desire to make this country better, I have written countless pieces, identified many problems and looked into every sector of the country; yet the situations are still the same. I am fed up writing about Nigeria. I want to make this country better or close to being better, and I’m starting from my own little corner here and I am imploring you to follow me or start your own step somewhere. I’m worried that if we continue like this, Nigeria will forever remain the same, and if anything changes, it must be that the car is put in the reverse gear.
If this piece alone is what I can give to the whole of Nigeria at my stage, then let me be understood well. There are more ways to make Nigeria, our Fatherland better than just talking about it and the unfortunate situations that have befallen it. Why waiting for that saint to come? You already know what the problems are. Then, why waiting hopelessly that one day Nigeria will be better? Why expecting somebody else somewhere to make it better? Why don’t you too start from where you are right now? Why don’t you just do something as little as it may appear just to better the situation? I can never agree with the assertion that Nigeria is bad. It is not Nigeria that is bad; it is Nigerians that are bad. And in fact, the crux of the matter is that Nigeria as it is today is the products of our thoughts and if we will ever have a better Nigeria we will have to change our thoughts. Thoughts precede actions; actions are the products of thoughts. If the reason for your inaction is the fact that ‘our leaders are corrupt’, that is an excuse and not a reason, in as long as it is yet to be proved satisfactorily that it is our leaders alone that are corrupt. Search deeply within you, you will discover you are also corrupt; the difference is just that you have not got the opportunity to manifest it.

In simple term, these are the solutions to all the problems I have identified in the previous series. I know you will be eager to know the solutions and that alone is one of the solutions. The first step at knowing the solutions to the problems of your father land is itself a solution. My dear reader(s) why waiting, you could go visit prisoners today and light up their gloomy world. You could go teach those little children how to solve a math problem. You could go adopt one abandoned child and show him what love means. You could go visit that old granny who lives alone. You could write poetry about God’s beautiful world and imbibe the spirit of Godliness in people. If you’re a lawyer, you could do one pro bono case, this year. If you’re a doctor you could drive down the village and examine some of those poor, sick ones. Don’t just talk about it; go out of your way to do one good thing. This world needs love, and love is ours to give.

The way the citizens are, is the same way their leaders will be. Therefore, the way we are is exactly the way our leaders are. Let us know who we are and try to ask ourselves this question: ‘what will this world be, if everybody is like me?’  Thus, let the kings be the kings in their dealings with their subjects; let the leaders be the leaders in their actions and inactions with the citizens, and let the citizens be the citizens in their obedience to their leaders. Let parents perform their parental roles; let the vice chancellors be the vice chancellors and the lecturers be contented; let everybody be what he is and is expected to be positively. But I am afraid, this we cannot do and as I earlier said, Nigeria is a product of our thoughts and until we learn to change our thoughts, better Nigeria is a mirage. I know we will find it difficult to do these little things and that is why we will all continue suffering what we have been suffering.  Until we are ready, we may never know why we suffer what we suffer.



By Kazeem Azeez Idowu

He is a freelance writer based in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. You can reach him on Kazdan01@gmail.com.


  • Indeed,success is nothing and completely insane without having someone we love to share it with…the riches of citizens is not found wholesomely in the existence of governments alone but in the dearing to create developmental changes individually with the mind of achieving results effectively..we are all bless..let us contribute generiously and make difference with what we have where we are….cheer up NIGERIANSSSSS

  • The worst problem facing Mankind worldwide in general and Nigerians in particular is not CORRUPTION but religious intolerance/fanaticism. How else do you classify the Israeli/Palistanian unending crises, Muslim /Christian wars,North Africa to Middle East to Iraq to Iran to Pakistan to Afghanistan flash points. The Northern and Southern Nigerian struggle is mostly religious- muslim fanaticism in the North and Christian miracle confusion in the South and Central.If religion can be left to the individual Nigeria/World will be better for it. But bringing religion into Politics is like adding petrol to fire. Here comes the part played by ATIKU’s BOKO HARAM and BAKARE’s PENTICOSTAL CHURCHES in modern day Nigeria. CORRUPTION is largely the creation of RELIGION. Firstly religious organization want to acquire unlimited wealth but do not want to be taxed e g Catholic churches in Italy/worldwide.RCCG in Nigeria Islamic followers are asked to denounce western/modern education but encouraged to use GSM/MOBILE phones, modern aircraft,cars, ships, modern hotels, modern hospitals, modern guns/bombs to kill innocent people.
    Religion is Politics – so echo ed one Musician.

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