Be Servant-leaders, Kumuyi Urges Political Office Holders

Kumuyi-NEWTHE need for politicians and public servants to learn crucial lessons from the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ has, again, been emphasised by the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Bible Ministries (DCLM), popularly referred to as the Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor William Folorunsho Kumuyi.

Kumuyi, who addressed a press conference at the Deeper Life Conference Centre (DLCC), the Lagos-Ibadan-Expressway venue of the Church’s ongoing Easter retreat, yesterday, also urged political leaders and Nigerians, as a whole, to emulate Christ’s lessons on forgiveness, love and commitment to “servant leadership.”

The programme, which started on Thursday, is billed to end today.

The pastor, who harped on the theme of this year’s Easter Retreat, namely, “Celebrating the Miracle of Calvary,” said: “Today, we remember how Jesus Christ was betrayed, crucified, died, buried, and he rose again.

“Our joy is that the world is not spending the whole of our life time on Friday, which shows the time of his sorrow and crucifixion.  We have also come to the point of celebrating his resurrection also.

But we are not to just celebrating his resurrection like many people do all over the world; rather, we look at what Jesus Christ left behind that those of us who, as church people, as well as our political leaders, who are committed to upholding our constitution, peace and security in the land should emulate.

“We should learn and imbibe the virtues and quality of life of the Lord Jesus Christ, who, while on the cross, suffering, passing through the agony of death, still prayed to His Father to forgive those who were killing him,” he said.

Pastor Kumuyi posited that leaders should be willing to be at the forefront of sacrifice on behalf of those they are leading, not thinking of themselves.

He also called on religious leaders, who are thinking of the extremists terrorising the nation in a particular part of the country not to think that it would not end.

He made reference to some years back when hoodlums or hired thugs were burning houses in a particular part of the country, that it came to an end and that the present situation would also be soon forgotten.

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