BOKO HARAM: Senate urges FG to use Full Military Power to crush terrorism

Senate President, David Mark

The Senate, yesterday, urged the Federal Government to invoke its military might and all instruments of national power at its disposal to put an end to the high level of terrorism in the country following incessant attacks by members of the Boko Haram sect.

It made the call while considering a motion brought by Senator Mohammed Saleh and 10 others on terrorists attacks in the country.

The Senate also said it would meet with President Goodluck Jonathan with the recommendations of its Committees on Police Affairs, Defence and Army and National Security and Intelligence conclude their oversight on the security agencies.

After debating the motion, the Senate resolved to call the attention of the Federal Government that the terrorists had declared war on Nigeria and had threatened the sovereignty of the country.

It said, “The Senate resolves to call on the Federal Government to recognise that these terrorists have declared war on Nigeria, which is a threat to our sovereignty, existence and economic wellbeing and to respond with all instruments of national power at its disposal.”

The Senate urged its committees on National Intelligence, Defence and Army, and Police Affairs to intensify their oversight functions over the security agencies with a view to improving their capabilities in handling the current security challenges facing the country.

In addition, the committees had earlier held a meeting with the security chiefs on the state of security in the country, and were directed to immediately submit their report to the Senate for its consideration.

Although it unanimously condemned the spate of bombings and killings by the terrorists, the Senate however turned down the prayer to have compensations paid to the victims of bomb blasts by the government.

Presenting the motion, Senator Saleh dwelt on the Easter Sunday attack in Kaduna, but other senators commenting, drew the attention of the Senate to the fact that the attacks had continued unabated in other parts of the north.

Chairman of the Senate Committee on Security and National Intelligence, Senate Mohammed Magoro, said although the amount budgeted for the security agencies appeared to be huge, the money would do little to meet the equipment need of the agencies.

He said there was a need for an intervention supplementary budget to take care of gaps in the budgetary provisions to security agencies.

George Sekibo, who chairs the committee on Defence and Army, told the Senate that out of the total budget to the Army, only N5bn was for capital and available for procuring needed security equipment.

Chairman of the Senate Committee on Police Affairs, Paulinus Igwe, also noted that only N9bn was provided for the Police as capital budget, which would barely meet the needs of agency in the fight against terrorism.


  1. The Senate should not trick President into a failure trap by using the armed forces might meant to secure Nigeria from external enemies into fighting internal civilian socio economic criminals. What President GEJ need to do is to use simple systems policy to control and contain these armed gangs – BOKO HARAM, MEND, MILITIAs, POLITICAL and ECONOMIC THUGS,namely
    1 Restrict ALL NIGHT land and water interstate, inter LGA, and intra LGA movement to 6am to 12 midnight only unless for emergency medical and state security reasons. All such emergency 12 midnight to 6am movement to be authorized and monitored.
    2 All large GOVT, COMPANY PRIVATE cash movement should take place 9am to 5pm only must be authorized and escorted by police security.
    3 Re-introduce/build 100+ inter state toll gates in all 36states + FCT out lets and establish new 50,000 persons/toll gate town to decongest the mega cities.
    4 Compel all 65yrs plus old , IBB, ATIKU, BUHARI, TINUBU, OBJ, SENATORS, EX GOVERNORS, etc to retire from active politics and concentrate on their immediate families.
    5 Demolish any compound, house/hide out where illegal arms and ammunitions are found. Same for vehicles, boats,
    6 Monitor all cash movements into/out of banks for non productive activities.
    7 Get all 17-35yrs old youths daily engaged in agriculture, construction, maintenance, education, sports, music, etc

  2. As 1 of the Senators said “physical checking of the Vehicles would not change the situation” or is not enough. What I think or suggest is for H.E to bring foreign intelligence to this matter, which I believe he’s now on that. What I or ‘we’ (the Citizens) need right now is for the gov’t to be fast about the preparations. Let’s Keep Praying, “if there is Life, there is Hope”

  3. Funny wen people say blanders Mr unidentified name, please next time you dont use Nigeria as ur user name on this site. people like you are a disgrace to the country, why must the president go and invite foreigners to handle local maters. If he is not capable of clenching this problem, he should let Nigerians know.
    See as people are dieing innocently. Have you forgotten the government wants to make money from every situation.
    We are tied of this issue. God help us.

  4. Follow Nigerians, the situation on ground is only for Government alone to solve. there things that is happening within our communities that Government need to know but because of our selfish interest we keep it within us. this is the time where we Nigerian should stand-up and speak the gospel truth about the our country Nigerian which God has bless with natural resource. we all know the truth and solution to take, why Government waiting time letting our children to far the SINS of their Father. Security is not for President alone, but everybody job, my reason of blaming Government about the crisis is that, they all know what is going in the country and what to do to terminate or silence it. but they stick and fold their hands and say, sorry to those who lose their lives and we will look into the matter, when them know what action to take, without wasting time. I know that the Government is trying but they should better than these. The Government has sufficient tools and equipment to stop these crisis. My prayer for the country is that, let God bless our Leaders with wisdom and understanding to carry-out their Leadership in the country, That is opinion, I love my country Nigeria

  5. i think d senate r stupid, whr on earth do such strategy works? The Americans thought de can use force to curb d tailban, what happen at d end? Do de win d war? Virtually d answer is no. The same American warned Nigeria dat force alone cannot solve d prolm. D only way to solve this problm is dat as Nigerians we hv to keep sentiments,social injustice and curroption aside. What d millitary r doing in maiduguri is war agains d innosent law abiding citizens, killong pple,burning their shop,rubbing and raping their wife. For Goodness sake is dis strategy meant to curb d menance or to compound issues? Incase u dnt knw d more u r killing dis pple, d more boko haram is geting ground.