Bombing will not affect academic activities at Gombe University —VC

The Vice-Chancellor of the Gombe State University (GSU), Prof. Idris Mahdi, in an interview the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday has stated that yesterday’s bombing of the Senate Building of the tertiary institution will not affect academic activities in the university.

He also appealed to the students to remain calm and continue with their academic activities.

Prof. Mahdi explained that though some records were burnt in the offices affected by the bombings, they could regenerate such records as the school authorities had duplicate copies of the records.

“This is just a bloody little administrative building, so this will not prevent us from doing our work. Not at all, classes are going to go on normal.

“Of course we lost some records but we can recoup them. The records we have lost we just photocopied them from the Registrar’s Office some few months ago.

“We will go back to the Registrar’s office again and photocopy them.” Prof. Idris Mahdi said.

“They accepted the message in a very high spirit. This is nothing new; everybody knows what is happening. The most important thing is that we move forward.

“Gombe people must get used to this type of thing. This is not the first time this thing is happening in Gombe. They should be very courageous and move ahead.” Prof. Mahdi added.

The students in the school were seen at the scene of the bombing in the morning with school officials working hard to prevent them from going too close to the building.

There has been no official statement from the police as at press time.